Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family & Christmas

Regardless of your belief, like me, I'll bet you have family traditions which transcend most of the dogma attached to the holiday. My family has run the gamut.

As a child my parents played Santa and we had a big meal. On occasion we went to church but it was not the main attraction...the food was!

As a young adult raising my family we ALWAYS went to church. Midnight mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Service the next morning. It was required!

As an older adult in an empty nest, I just stayed home and waited for the kids to visit during the more church but still lots of food.

I watched as my children struggled to raise their children and do the 'right' thing; whatever that meant. Some embraced the church and some not but they all struggled with the desire to do right by their children.

We were all together for Christmas this year and I realized something...we have arrived!

I am proud of my family and its diversity. Racial, religious, cultural; it's all is often a struggle, sometimes a slide, but only in segments.

The bad times pass as do the good but on the other side we find a new day and a new challenge to endure or enjoy. It is a choice ...