Monday, September 29, 2008

An Invitation to Rick, et. al.

I'll not argue the merits of an ark of wood built of wood because I think there is a lot more that one should consider when validating that story.
First the story is older than that of the bible retelling:
And then we must look at the logic of the story. Is it possible that a 300 foot ship i.e. ark, could even house the number of animals reported much less the food needed to sustain them all for more than a month?

And finally, if we continue this discussion, and I am willing, we must agree on what is evidence. It must be empirical evidence or it is not evidence.

The dictionary definition of empirical evidence is evidence relating to or based on experience or observation.

Before you come at me with the fact that I did not observe evolution I will conceed. I did not so I will give you that point.

What I will discuss is the existence of a supernatural being. I am not interested in "feelings" or "revelations" I want hard evidence.

Since you DO believe YOU must prove it. I DO NOT believe so there is nothing I can prove.

So are you up for this?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have recently begun a Phillip Stahl book "Atheism: A Beginner's Guide". I am about half way through the book and I am struck by a comparison he uses. He begins by asking the reader to imagine seeing something in the night sky. The object does not conform to any known airship. Now how does one respond? He gives 4 choices:

  • It's an unknown pure and simple. (This is the atheist mindset.)
  • It's a UFO, a flying saucer and I believe this is evidence for visiting aliens. (This is the believer mindset.)
  • It was most definitely and alien craft....I didn't see the aliens up close but I believe. (This is the fundamentalists mindset)
  • Without knowledge of the is impossible to make a determination. (This is the agnostic mindset)

Although I have paraphrased, I think one can understand the idea. I do not completely agree with all that he writes but Stahl has given me much food for thought as I continue on my journey. It seems that each of us, if not predisposed, develop a mindset that guides us through life.

He writes of his youth in the Catholic church and how he found his way out. His story is like many others I've read over the years and not entirely unlike mine. He states that children are blank slates and natural questioners....yes, but what happens to that natural nature when religion becomes the daily diet? The are taught to close up and not question.

What a tragedy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Religion or Drugs--Same thing!

I found this article this morning while browsing the new sites on the blogroll. Love the comparison between drug use and religion. Addicts are always addicted to something.

I think a great example of addictive behavior is the drug addict who is "saved" in rehab. Or the murderer who finds Jesus in prison..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Everywhere I go!

This morning I made a visit to a doctor's office. (This is a new doctor since I have only recently moved here.)

The first thing I noticed was the absence of any magazines. One must always wait in a doctor's office....however, nothing but a television going on some religious station. I asked the receptionist if there was reading material available somewhere.

"Oh sure," she said and handed me a copy of the Bible. "We give them to all our patients," she proudly spouted. "It's free," she said, "take it home with you."

Okay what did I do? Nothing. But I certainly thought about it.