Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I’m Suspicious

Check out the story here for what is reportedly another miracle. It seems that god led him to the little girl. Maybe, but it seems really strange to me. Check out the comments; I’m not the only one suspicious.

Monday, April 5, 2010


My #2 daughter and I went to lunch on Sunday. We get together quite often since we are the “without partners” in the family. She was somewhat upset. When I asked her what was wrong she told me the following story. I need to tell you also that she considers herself a Christian, although she is anti-religion. She does not go to church but she believes in God and prays.

“ I called #3 (her sister) this morning to wish her a Happy Easter. I then asked her what kind of plans they had for Easter. She said that it is General Conference Weekend so they weren’t even going to church. I was shocked! She is so religious and so into her LDS church, why was she sitting out the most important holiday of Christianity?”
I knew this about the Mormons but I think my #2 is just beginning to realize how strange they are.

“I asked her why there was not a special service at church. Then she told me that Mormons celebrate the life of Jesus and not the death. Mom, she said, isn’t Easter all about His life? The fact that he rose from the grave as promised by God?”

I am no expert certainly, but I do remember when I was a Christian, Easter was the most important holiday at church. Even my parents who rarely went to church, made sure we were all dressed and in the pews on Easter Sunday.

My #2 doesn’t understand the Mormons but this was incredibly hurtful to her. She thought her sister was a good Christian. She told me that there is no way she could be Christian and not celebrate the resurrection of the Son of God.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So What am I?

I think a woman has a right to choose to have a child or not, but I think the father has the same right.

I think women on welfare who have a second child out of wedlock should be cut off.

I think people who live and work in this country should be legal, if they aren’t they should be deported. I think businesses who hire them have a responsibility to check them out and make every effort to be sure they are legal. It they aren’t and the company hires them, the company should pay, dearly.

I do not think an employee who is offered paid insurance, should be able to turn it down in order to get Medicaid.

I do not think that private schools, including charter schools, should get public funds when they have the right to choose who attends. I think that students should have to be legal citizens to attend public school but public schools must take all students so public funds should be used for public schools.

I think the school day should be longer and that summers should be shorter. American students rate so low it is embarrassing. I think teachers should be paid in direct proportion to the success of their students. I was a teacher and I still think so.

I do not think it is beneficial to our country to have Congressmen and women in office over and over, even if they are elected. They should have term limits…and they should NOT get retirement for life after serving.

I think Social Security should be paid to those who pay it in and it should not be reduced because I draw $700 a month on teacher retirement.

I think capital punishment is barbaric. I think our prisons should be bare minimums without televisions, game systems and computers. Prisoners should work not go to school for a BS, BA, Masters or PHD at our expense. Training for acclimation into society and productive work should be required.

I think that religion should be taken out of government, completely. That means when someone runs for office it is off limits to talk about or use his religion or lack thereof in any capacity while campaigning or while in office.

I think that drugs should be legalized and controlled. Prohibition does not work. As it is now the criminals are making a lot of money and kids have ready access to whatever they want. The so called War on Drugs is not working and the money spent could be put to better use.

I think everyone deserves good medical care but I don’t have any idea how it should work. I am, however, glad that someone is working to get it done.

I think the office of president deserves all the respect we can muster, even when we don’t particularly like the one who resides within. I think his/her personal life is personal and not fair game for the media.

So what am I? Democrat, Republican, Libertarian? No, American.