I don't wish to step on toes but I just have to repeat this
"When an atheist does good things for other people, they're not doing it for their rewards in heaven, or to save their souls from hell. They do it because they want to help other people. End of story."

I posted this on my FaceBook a few days ago. I find it interesting how the discussion progressed.In the beginning statements like: Good people are just that! ...and that is the bottom line. And because it is the right thing to do.

Then a surprising comment: Maybe they do it because they are selfish and want to feel good about themselves...hmmmm...Could that be the reason I help others? Maybe so, maybe I have my reward in that I feel good.

Then came the 'but what about when atheist do bad things because they know there is no permanent consequences"? Stalin, Dahmer, Jim Jones...wait wasn't Jim Jones a Christian?

Then comes the retort "what about Christians who do bad things" and so forth.

There was even a comment from my son who recited my telling him to always act if I were present....they way Christians say "God is watching"..he was more afraid of what I would do...interesting...good.

There is even a discussion about giving to the beggar on the corner and whether they are beggars or just scan artists.

I wonder if anyone got the point?