Monday, June 30, 2014

Another blow for women today

Today the Supreme Court of the United States said that employers have the right to decide what I do with my body. They said that a for profit corporation has religious rights. I have no idea how to deal with this. It would never have occurred to me that this could happen in my country.

A friend posted this on Facebook

Apparently, the company Hobby Lobby is considered more of a person that I am in certain ways since it doesn't have a vagina. We women call that par for the course.
Since Hobby Lobby is quite person-like with its government-approved right to interfere with women's bodies just like the mostly white men in power have, I feel it is possible to tell it "Fuck you." You can't tell a regular ole business "Fuck you," so I don't feel silly saying it now.
Thanks, Supreme Court, for again upholding the comfort and sensibilities of rich white people while the rest of us continue to scramble for enough scraps to fill our bellies and maintain some form of dignity as human beings. You know what? Fuck you, too.

Harsh, but I get it. How can this have happened? I know how, religion; clear and simple.

Another friend posted this:  

Ok I know most of you are pissed about the SCOTUS decision on HL today but it's not as bad as it appears on the surface.
First if the religious can exempt themselves from things they are morally opposed to so can we.
Like insisting the insurance we offer does not include religious hospitals as in network and preferably not allowed at all. This will drive out of pocket costs up for the employees. Their problem not ours according to the court now.
But the best thing from all this is the long term outlook.
Religious owned companies of which many will now appear are going to screw so many people that they will turn from Christianity at faster and greater rates.

 Let's see what happens.

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