Thursday, March 29, 2012

What the Heck?

Recently I have become somewhat more politically active. In thinking about this I have decided that, although part of it may be my age and the fact that I have experienced the best and the worst of years politically, most is due to the political climate at this time.

I have signed several petitions lately and written to several congressmen and state legislators. I think that is what riles me the most. I received a response from a US Senator signed, “God bless you”, an email from a state legislator signed “In God We Trust”. I found a card wishing me a “blessed day” in my mailbox, without any postage, signed by my postal carrier. I can’t go to the grocery store without being accosted by some “missionary” passing out religious leaflets and the clerk who checks me out wishing me a blessed day. What the heck? Do people have no decorum? What if I stood on the corner and passed out leaflets about atheism or made signs wishing everyone a secular day? How long before someone would call the cops and I would be removed from the property.

Be religious if you want, believe in fairytales, sky daddy and holy ghosts but please don’t bother me when I go about my day, please don’t try to bless my day, and most of all do not use my tax dollars to promote your religion.