Saturday, March 17, 2012

Raped Moroccan Girl Forced To Marry Rapist


rick b said...

Ok, This will not come as a surprise but I will answer every question and problem posed by these people. It might take a few days to do it and I will also say this guy is a clueless idiot.

He was saying Muslims believe the Bible. I dont care if he says he was Muslim at one time. Many Muslims here in the US dont fully believe the Qur'an or believe what Muslims in other countries do. Many but not all Muslims here in the US are PC. Just like many Christians.

They are so afraid of offending people, they dont stand up for what they believe.

I went to Israel for 14 days and will be going back in 2013 for 16 to 18 days next time. I went into the Muslim quarters and spoke openly with Muslims, They hate the Jews and Christians. Right next to the former wailing wall is the temple mount run by Muslims, They will sometimes allow Tourists to go up and visit, but they will give you a serious pat down and check for Bibles, If you have one they will take it away and never give it back. They are afraid you will hold a bible study up on the temple ground.
Funny thing is, we have Bible APP'S on our phone and they cannot take those away. So From Personal first hand knowledge Muslims do not believe the Bible and hate Jews, That guy is clueless or lying.

rick b said...

The people in the Video claim the Bible commands us to hate Gays and have slaves. This is a lie by these people that cannot be supported by the Bible.

The Bible does teach in the OT that homosexuals will be put to death, and in the New Testament it says they will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of heaven. But it does not say to hate them.

We are all sinners, even us who claim to be Christians and saved by grace. The Bible says that at one time we all were enemies of God. The Bible tells us that Jesus Died for the whole world, this includes the Homosexuals.

As long as people reject Gods word and do not believe in Him, Gay or straight they are separated from Him.

A phrase many use is, God loves the Sinner but hates their sin. So I can love the Homosexual and hate their life style.

As far as slaves go, yes their were slaves in the Bible. So what.

The reason for the slaves was this. People went to war back then and the people who won the war would conquer the losers, like it or not that happened. God Did not say, go to war and take as many people as slaves as possible.

We read in the Bible, people were always attacking the Jews and going after them, many times they lost and were take slaves. Yet sometimes they won and were taking slaves themselves.

Then we also read that some Jews would go to their own people and go into slavery to pay a debt. They owed money and could not pay it so they sold themselves into slavery to pay a debt.

We also read in the Bible that some of these Jews like being slaves, because their masters were rich and if they left then they would be struggling to survive. So that is why we read about slaves in the Bible.

The slaves were not like what we read in the US history where we went and took over a nation of people, stole them from their homeland and forced them into slavery.

I for one have no problem with people willingly going into slavery to pay debt. I also have no problem with people taking slaves if someone comes to conquer you in war and then loses, you can either kill them all, take them as slaves and let them live, or you can set them all free, and hope they dont regroup and try fighting you at a later time.

rick b said...

I am not sue if you are aware of this or why it happens, but some words are highlighted and turned into mini ad's on your blog. It does not bother me, but I just want you to be aware of it in case you did not know.

Interested said...

Where did you find that? I am not seeing it. I really do not want that kind of thing if I can prevent it.

rick b said...

When I look at what I wrote on the first reply the words "Bible Study" and the words "Phone" are highlighted in blue with aline under them. If I put the cursor on them it says Powered by text enhance. Then it is a ad for resources for what ever word is high lighted.

In my second reply the words "Claim" "who won" and "Debt" Are highlighted the same way.

nothing in the 3rd post or the reply by you. My wife says Hello.

Interested said...

Hi to you too Mrs. Rick. Well that is really strange because I don't see the highlighting. I have seen it in other blogs but I don't see it here. It must be some kind of program directed at readers. Jut be assured that it is not my doing and I would stop it if I knew how.

rick b said...

I figured you were not aware of it so I thought I would mention it. Have you tried viewing your blog on a different computer and from a different location? Then you might see it.

rick b said...

Hello Interested.

Ok, IMO, The biggest reason people have problems with the Bible is that they dont know what it says, and many people who claim to have read it, either have not really read it from cover to cover, or they have read it as they say, yet they dont really want to know what it says and dont care. They only look for problems in it and even when people like me give them answers, they still dont care they choose to believe what they want.

Here is a very, very, basic overview and break down of the Bible. Once God created the earth and Adam and Eve, Eve did not listen to God and ate from the tree that she was told not to. Now we know Adam followed Eve by also eating from the tree, so God punished them. Then after they were kicked out of the garden we only have one race of people, the human race. We then go all the way to the flood with the one race and one language for people. When Adam and Eve were talking to God in the garden about their disobedience God told them about a Savior to come and help reconcile them to God.

God did not give them a specif time as to when the Savior would be born, so they all lived in hope that it would be soon. Then as more and more people were born the world back then as now was getting more and more wicked and evil, violence was abounding. God told Noah to build the ark and that He would destroy the world. Now many people say, this shows God is evil and cruel for doing this, But as I have said before many times, it took Noah over 100 years to build the ark, and if people wanted to enter they could. Salvation awaited all who wanted to partake, they just choose not to, thats not Gods fault and not God being Cruel.

After the flood and Noah leaving the ark, we still only had one race and one language for the world. Then people decide to build the tower of Babel. Now I meet a Jewish man who does not believe Jesus is the messiah and does not believe in the NT. He was saying that the reason the people built the tower of Babel was they were afraid God would flood the earth again and wanted to build a tower so high they could survive the flood. Well God said He would never flood the entire earth again. So God came down and separated the people confounded the languages, that is where we get all the different people groups and various languages from.

Even though we have many different people groups and languages we still have only one race of people, the human race. Black, native Americans, Mexican, Etc, are not different races of people, We are all one race, different colors and characteristics.

Know shortly after the tower of Babel, God spoke to a man by the name of Abram, and told him, I will make you a father of many nations and bless you greatly. So him and his wife listened to God and followed him. Now this man Abram was not perfect and did not fully trust in God, He lied many times and brought trouble uopn the people of Egypt by lying. Later one of Abrams sons became Israel. His name was Jacob, but God called him Israel, all his children became the father of the nation of Jewish people.

rick b said...

Now up until this time their was no laws and rules of God. People followed God and spoke to Him as they wanted. Now one of Jacobs sons was Joseph, his brothers were greatly jealous of him, so they sold him into slavery. He later went onto become the number two man in Egypt. The Pharaoh of Egypt loved Joseph and his family, but both in time Joseph Died and so did the Pharaoh, then the new Pharaoh did not like the Jews and felt since their numbers were increasing they might try and take over, so he enslaved all of them and it took God using Moses to set them free.

Now up until this point we see examples of the forthcoming of Jesus, people did not understand it but we see it in the Bible. So I did not get into them since this is already long enough, but here is another example of the coming messiah. After Moses came along and sent plagues upon the Pharaoh and He did not let the Jews go, Moses told people take a lamb and keep it for a few days, let it live among you and it cannot have any blemishes.

Jesus was/is that coming lamb that lived among us and had no blemishes. Then they killed the lamb and sacrificed it in such a way as to crucify it. It shed it's blood and was roasted and the people ate it, Jesus was crucified and we "eat" His body. His Body that we eat is His word, we are not cannibals, but we see people in the NT thinking this when Jesus said you must Drink my Blood and eat my flesh. We was talking about remembering Him by way of the last supper and drinking the wine and eating the unleavened bread.

Anyway, after the lamb was slain, they were too put some blood on the top, bottom and sides of the door post, This formed a cross, and everyone who was in the house was under the shed blood of the slain lamb, they could be Jew or Egyptian, and they were sparred from losing the first born to death. Yet everyone who was outside of the house, Jew or Egyptian, it did not matter who lose their firstborn to death.

So we see an example of Jew or Gentile being saved or dying depending where they stand with the shed blood of the lamb, and that shed blood of the lamb was a reference to Jesus being our lamb that was slain to save us. Shortly after Moses brought the people out of Egypt He meet with God and gave the Jewish people the 10 commandments. Now these were only for people who served and followed God, it was not the case where these were given to the entire world to follow. You could be a gentile (Non-Jew) and convert to Judaism and follow God and obey these laws.

Now the reason God created the nation of Israel was, He was going to greatly bless these people and show to the world He existed. And if you choose you could convert to Judaism and follow God and be blessed. God told the people of Israel that if they followed Him they would be protected from enemy's and would be greatly blessed, but if they rejected His word and did not follow Him, they would be punished and allowed to go into slavery and be killed. Many times we read in the Bible they choose to disobey and do what they want. And they were taken captive many times.

Now one of the problems was, the Jews started creating more laws and "Rules" to follow, Yes God gave them laws and rules, but the Jews started adding their own and really making it even harder to follow these laws. I know people take issue with laws like the issue with the rapists, but here is the deal. First off these laws as I have said before were and are for the Jews only, not the gentiles or the entire world.

rick b said...

I think it is really sad how people look to the laws the Jews follow and take issue with them, but they never seem to take issue with the foreign countries that attack the Jews for no reason. Anyway, God wants the Jews to live a life set apart from the rest off the world, He does not want His people to engage in sexual immorality and just to be sleeping around like many people in the world do. He wants His people to be married and have it till death do them Part. He does not want them to simply get married and divorced over and over. Does it happen with them? Yes it does.

God gave these laws to the Jews so if they followed them they would be so greatly blessed that gentiles would say, Wow, those Guys are so blessed that I want in on that and then they would serve and follow God. Now onto the rape issue.

It's not that God cannot tell the difference between town and country. We have seen even in this day and age, women accusing men of raping them, it's the word of the man against the women, and sometimes it turns out that the man did not do it, DNA proved the man did not do it, why the women lied? who knows, but it happens and you as well as these guys in the video knows this happens. Some times also a women sleeps willingly with the guy, but then later says she was raped, Maybe it's because she cheated on her partner and did not want to get busted, or maybe she was a virgin or something, all I know is women have lied about these things and we know this is a fact.

So back in these days, you were to remain a virgin until your wedding, then after you get married and consummate the marriage you were to hang the bed sheet out the window and show from the blood stain you were a virgin. Now remember, this was/is only for the Jewish culture and this was the way God wanted it to be. If you were not a virgin then unless someone knew you were married before and your husband died you most likely either slept around or you were raped. So if a women claimed to be raped and it was in the city, she really did not need to really yell all that loud for people to hear her claiming rape. Like I said, I have been to Israel and I saw the houses from back 2,000 plus year ago. They are not built like today where they are pretty sound proof and you could be killing someone and no one would know. Back then if you were getting raped and screamed people for blocks could hear you and come to your rescue.

So if the women did not scream for help as the Bible says, she probably wanted the dude and that is why they were both put to death, they committed adultery and that was punishable by death, and people knew this. Know if the women was in the country and was raped, it is harder to hear the scream of the women, you most likely have been in the country and saw for yourself why it would be hard to get saved if your being raped or attacked. So in this case they are giving the women the benefit of the doubt and assuming she really was raped.

Now the issue of the dowry, Fathers would set aside money from the time the girl is born until they get married, so this was a gift for the wedding and it was to help support the new couple, if a women cheated and slept around then she broke the law and that is why they father would be payed back. It was His money to begin with and if she slept around she did not deserve the wedding dowry.

rick b said...

Now even though the Nation of Israel was created, God knew all along that he was going to change it as these people on the video said. We fast forward to the NT, and after Jesus came He said that we fulfill the entire law, this entire law is the 10 commandments By loving God and loving our neighbor. Now if people say, How is that fulfilling the entire law, it's like this, I can either say, I will break down all the ten commandments and say, I will not steal, I will not kill, I will not lie, cheat or steal, Or I can say, since I love God and love my neighbor I will not do these things. Plus the NT tells us that the law cannot save us, only the shed Blood of Jesus can save us. In the OT the Jews would take two lambs, kill one and let one go free, the one that died would shed it's blood for us, That again is a symbol of Jesus dying for us. The other was the scapegoat, he got away so to speak, we get set free because Jesus died for us.

The Lambs blood could not cleanse us once and for all, so we had to sacrifice lambs over and over, but Jesus blood cleans us once and for all, after that if we screw up we simply need to ask for forgiveness. Now this is a really brief overview, in reality their is a lot more, but thats why you must study the Bible for yourself. Also as far as Muslims go, Abram had many sons, and one of his sons was born to his hand maid. His wife Sarah at the Time could not have kids, God told her she would get pregnant and have a child, yet she was impatient and told her husband sleep with my handmaiden Hagar, and we will have a child through her. His sons name from her was Ishmael, he you could say is the father of the Muslim people.

Now the Muslims do not read the Bible or believe Jesus is God, They only believe Jesus was a good person and simply one of many prophets. The Muslims do follow some of the laws the Jews follow and follow the dietary laws. This video and the girl marrying the rapist is not Jewish or Christian, this is a Muslim thing. So the two speakers in the Video again are getting it wrong by not telling people that and implying it was/is the Jews that are doing that and caused the girl to commit suicide. 90 percent of the nation of Israel is Secular, they dont believe in God and dont follow His laws. About 7 percent is very orthodox and do not believe Jesus is the messiah and follow the OT, But they would not make a girl marry a rapist. Them about 3 percent or less is Christian and believes in Jesus and also would not force a girl to marry a rapist. I know since not only have I been over their and will be going back, but I have friends from Here at my Church over their living and another one the way to live over their, and I follow Islam and have friends that study it.

That case is Muslim and it is misleading and deceptive for those so called "Young Turks" to make it seem like it is Jews or Christians that did that when in fact it was Muslim. Hope this helps.