Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why would you believe on faith alone?

This is the best I can do. I hope you will at least see it through.


rick b said...

Here are my thoughts.
The Guy keeps saying that all we have is copies of copies of copies of the Bible and how can we trust them?

Well first off we have History, I have been to Israel and am going off of first hand experience, I saw the places mentioned in the Bible. The Jews still existing is evidence. How can a people group that got assimilated into other groups come back into their own home land after 2,000 years and still speak their language, use their Money, etc?

Then we have the dead sea scrolls. Then as I said before, even if the Bible was simply written 100 to 200 years ago, How can the Book of revelation mention things like The whole world will see what happens inside the temple or when the two witness are killed? We have that technology nowadays. was that simply a good guess? I'm not blindly believing, I believe with evidence.

Why is it atheists say to me or Christians in general, how can you believe with out evidence? Yet atheists believe the Big bang with out evidence? Their is zero evidence the Big bang took place, it cannot be proven in a lab, or through science. How is that not blind faith?

rick b said...

in Listing to him some more, and yes I am listing to both videos and all of them, I just could not post all my thoughts at once since their is a word limit.

But he says we cannot have eye witness as evidence. He says that proves God is not real or stupid. Well I find it funny how we can you eye witness testimony when it comes to cops, C.I.A. military, Etc and thats good enough. or we can look back over history and go back 100 or even 200 or even 300 years and read first hand accounts of history and use it to figure things out and much is believed as fact and we have so called historians, yet we cannot use this same evidence when it comes to the Bible. I call BS on this guy.

rick b said...

Ok, The guy was saying to a caller, churchs do good things, like feeding the poor, but then he said the atheists feed the poor and the difference is they dont make the poor listen to a message first.

Not all churchs do that, I for one dont agree with groups who do that. My church meets in a local park every Thursday From May till November, We feed everyone who shows up, we have a huge grill and we grill Hamburgers, Hot dogs, chicken, ribs and pretty much anything we can grill, even veggies. I have pictures of this and it's on the churchs web site. We do not require people to listen to any message or give any money.

We even do something called, Gods not broke, again this is on the website. We feed the poor, and have a huge free garage sale. We give away, Books, fridges, washers, dryers, couches, all kinds of stuff for free, then we will even deliver the big things right to your house and then after all this we give everyone a dollar. we call it a reverase garage sale, we pay you to take this stuff.

We do this because we are tired of Church claiming God is on life support and he needs your money and if you dont give money, God will die. So we are a different type of Church, but we prove people like this speaker wrong by these types of actions, and my church has been doing this for the last 20 plus years. I have been with them for 12 years and we have been doing this.

rick b said...

I had to laugh, He said we Christians are a hateful group and we cause division. Yet it's ok for him to tell me I am wrong and deceived and I am the idiot, and thats ok, yet I cannot say he is clueless and wrong because that would be mean. Give me a break.

Also he claims we (Christians and atheists) cannot be friends. How far from the truth is that. I call you a friend, I have said over and over I would be more than happy to have you over for diner and that still stand to this day. So he is misinformed to say we cannot be friends. Also I am friends with lots of people that claim to be atheists.

In the second Video I understand why the guy was upset with the caller, I think so called Christians like that caller are idiots. I will say Yes the guy is going to hell if he rejects Jesus, anyone who rejects Jesus will go to hell. And yes we all deserve to go, even me and all believers.

One thing he said he would call a sin if he believed in sin is limiting peoples freedom. Well I see that being done by atheists all the time. If your a teacher who teaches creation in school you will lose your Job. Wow thats limiting someones freedom, atheists have/want freedom to say and teach God is not real, yet Christians cannot have freedom teach God is real. Either teach both sides or dont teach either. Keeping it one sided is not freedom and this guy says thats sin. I also thought it was funny, he says I'm wasting my life believing in an after life, so thats a sin. Yet he says I'm wasting my life believing in God, yet he his not wasting his life trying to convince me I'm wrong. Really? He's the one thats sad waste of life.

rick b said...

I did check out the website for this guy and even wrote them asking how I can go on air. I told them to write me and I can answer all his questions and wont stumble and bumble and answer with all the UMM'S and AAAHHHH'''S and look and sound like I am a staged christian making us look bad. So If I get on air I will let you know.

I believe I can take him on and answer his questions to the point he will finally give me the boot and not let me talk.

rick b said...

Well I wrote about how I can get on the air to talk with Matt, they wrote me back and said this:

Thanks for your letter, Rick. We'd love to have you call. The show airs from 4:30 to 5:30 PM CST on Sundays. You can check the schedule here to make sure there are no last minute studio cancellations on the day you plan to call:


Anyone can call, and if you say you're a theist, you will get priority in the caller queue. 512-472-2255 is the number. And you might try calling in a good bit before the show if you want to be on early--like 10 minutes before air time? If you can't get through, then keep trying, and the best possible thing you can try after the calls have already started, is to time your call-in for someone else's hang up. So, if a call is about to end, have that final digit ready to hit to get your call in there the moment the other caller is off the line. We have multiple lines and can hold 3-4 calls at a time. And we reserve one line strictly for theist callers, like yourself, to try and make it easier for a person like you to get through.

I hope this helps!


So I will try calling and getting on the air. I suspect due to the time difference between where they are and I live it might be tough since I could either still be at work or just finishing up and leaving, but I will try every week till I get on air. Once I make it on and talk I will post it here.

rick b said...

The show is really tough to get onto. I wish they were on more than one day a week. I called 10 minutes before the show started and all it did was ring. So I tried calling again 5 minutes before the show started and again it just rang and rang and rang. I called right at 4:30 when the show started and it was busy and every time I tried calling back it was busy. So I will keep trying till I get on.