Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boloney Detection


rick b said...

I agree with him on a few points. One being the pyramids, I dont believe it was aliens, and I like his little graphics like the alien being swept under the rug.

I like how he said the "Theory" of evolution, He did not call it a fact, and it is just that, a theory.

I could take his ten points and put them back on him and others who deny God. But I wont. I dont have time. I believe in science and use it in cooking and baking, I never said I deny science, But I would say, they cannot prove everything. They cannot prove the big bang and they cannot create life in a lab showing that evolution took place over and over through lab results.

Then as far as Big foot goes, I once denied he was real. But then I saw the Messin' With Sasquatch Commercials and was a believer in big foot. If you never saw them here is a link to a series of them, and the last one is the best.

Interested said...

It was once true that scientist could not create life in a lab but not anymore!

rick b said...

Did you happen to watch the Videos of Messin' With Sasquatch?

They are funny. As to creating life in a lab, thats great, can they create dirt? Can they prove in a lab the big bang is real? can they recreate these types of things?

Interested said...

Yes those commercials are absolutely hillarious! Thanks for sending them. I have passed them on to a few people because I have never seen them before.

Scumface said...

@ RICK B. You "could take his ten points and put them back on him and others who deny god"? That sounds like a huge cop out to me. Also, Carl Sagan was one of the smartest people to ever walk this earth. He's helped millions of people through his discoveries and won over 30 prestigious awards. What have you done besides argue with people on an unknown blog? (Sorry, not meant to be a shot at the blog. I actually like it, and am going to continue to read it.