Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Celebrating Death

I have long felt unnerved by the Easter religious celebration but this truly takes the cake.

Today I received a "little story" from my daughter. It is too long to post here but the gist is that three trees are standing in the woods dreaming about what they will be when they grow up.

The first wants to be a treasure chest filled with gold an silver.
The second wants to be a great ship that carries kings and queens across great oceans.
The third wants to remain on the hill so he can be close to god.

The first is made into a horse trough, the second into a rowboat and the third into little pieces. It so happens that these trees then wind up in Bethlehem when a certain virgin gives birth to a baby boy. The trough is the manger, the second, which was made into a rowboat carried the grown up baby on some mission and the third became the cross upon which the baby died!

What a morbid story! How can anyone gain inspiration from that?


atheist girl said... is the strangest story I have ever heard. And on your other post, we have activists? I wanna be one, but is this activism preachy?

Interested said...

No preachy from me...never. I just joined my local atheist group and by doing so I am notified about all the goings on. Last night was phenomenal! Go to the website and you can learn more about First Freedom First but try a google search in your zip for atheist groups.

tina FCD said...

Going there now.

BEAST said...

The forth tree was chopped off and turned into Jebus's grave........


Interested said...

Okay Beast. To how many did you forward it? I like your addition ;).

BEAST FCD said...

One. only this blog. Lol