Friday, January 9, 2009

A Call to Arms

I am usually a happy person. Fairly satisfied with my financial station in life, I contribute to causes with which I concur. But today something has upset my satisfaction. I wish to have the resources of Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. Not to indulge myself in bobbles and bling but to finance a real defense of science. Here, is what got me going. And this.

It has already been said, better than I can but this is a cause I completely support.


BEAST FCD said...

Good going mate.

rick b said...

Those Sites are a joke, but Someday you will know I was correct. Why dont you re-read Ezekiel 38-39 and compare it with the newspaper and all that is going on over in Israel. And then wait, since everything is coming together so fast it is not funny.

I know you dont believe it, and thats fine, your Blind and do not want to see the light, I expect that. It's funny how Hamas attacks Israel and over 8 years shoots over 11,000 rockets into Israel and no one blinks, Yet once they defend themselves, they are hated by the entire world and called Monsters.

People say, well Israel is killing Kids and women, but these people ignore the fact that not only is Hamas doing the same thing, they also hide among the civilian and that way more women and children die.

Funny how a group of people in a nation smaller than new jersey is hated by the entire world for no reason. Yet people attack them and kill them year after year and the world sits silent, but once they fight back, the whole world blames them. Care to explain guys? I can, the Bible said it would happen, and guess what? It is. Rick b

Interested said...

So what part of the sites is a joke?

rick b said...

The fact that these are written by people who feel Science is god and God does not Exist. I saw one site was run by Athiests, that alone Shows a bias. But then again, I can admit I have a bias, we all do.

I find it funny, Athiests who believe in evloution needed to create to lies to prove evloution. I will look for the exact referance, but their were two things that the Scientests put out saying look, this proves we evolved, but then later it was proven to be frauds. I will find the exact storys and then mention them by name. Rick b

rick b said...

Here we are.
1. Several of the supposed finds have relied on mere tooth or jaw fragments. These include Piltdown man, Dryopithecus, Ramapithecus, and Hesperopithecus.

Piltdown was discovered in 1953 to have been nothing more than an Ape's jaw placed with a human skull. It was a hoax placed on purpose. They recognized neither the jaw to be an ape's or the skull to be a human's. Instead, they declared each part as an in between of ape and human. They dated it to be 500,000 years old, gave it a name (Eoanthropus Dawsoni or `Dawn Man'), and wrote some 500 books on it. The `discovery' fooled paleontologists for forty five years.

2.Scientists often demonstrate an utter inability to interpret their finds with any accuracy. This hoax, a human skull placed with an ape jaw, was not recognized as a hoax by the field for forty five years. During this time, they declared it to the public as being a human ancestor.

3. Ramapithecus lasted twenty years as considered to be the first in-between of humans and apes by judgment based only on teeth. He is now know to be an extinct baboon.

4. Hesperithecus was actually created from one pig's tooth but it fooled the entire paleontology field and dental experts for fourteen years

Interested said...

Rick you have cited known hoaxes which for me solidifies the fact that science is credible. It took 40 or 20 or whatever to prove the truth and science did it. Not religion or the bible but science. You see that is what science questions, doubts, tests, experiments and then concludes...and then science does it again and again. When it can be repeated and coroborated the it is accepted...until it is not. That is what makes science credible.

BEAST FCD said...

Actually, these hoaxes mentioned by Rick was actually exposed by scientists no prices for those who make a mickey out of science.

Unlike religion, Science is an open institution for query: If you doubt the veracity of the hypothesis of a phenomenon, go and find evidence to debunk the hypothesis. Religion, however, requires absolute faith and an unquestioning mien.

Between Science and Religion, I'd choose Science. Any place, anywhere, any time.

Beast FCD

rick b said...

Beast said Actually, these hoaxes mentioned by Rick was actually exposed by scientists themselves

Sad logic beast. I could point out examples of some bad apples being expoused by some good apples in the same bunch, How does that prove anything.

Also the Bible says that Israel, a country the size of New Jersey will cause the entire World to tremble, and Guess what? It is.

The price of Gas is going up here in the US, Because of the war in Israel, why is that? Israel and Gaza are not fighting over Gas, They do not have gas or world pipe lines, yet what happens their effects the entire world.

Plus as I said, people attack them for no reason, and no one cares, yet once they fight back the entire world sits up and takes notice, and gets mad at them. Rick b

BEAST FCD said...

Sad logic? Well guess what. Science works. Take, for example, that light bulb in your house. The PC on your desk. These are the direct results of Science and technology.

Sure, Science makes mistakes. I won't deny it. But it is definitely far superior than your religion.

Beast FCD

rick b said...

Beast, When you say Science works,
I never denied Science, I work with Food and Bake, It's Food science.

I deny Evolution and said Science in that area is wrong.

It's funny, Here on the Radio they are Pushing HD radio, Their ad's compare HD radio to Creatures that Evolved And they are saying HD HAS evolved. They say stuff like, Just like the hermit crab puts it's self into any empty shell it can find, HD radio put's it's self into any car that has an old school radio.

them they go on to say, you can stop into said store and they will install one for you.

So which is it, Did it Evolve and enter the car by it's self, or do we have it installed? I know the answer is, we must have it installed. Just as Ben stien showed, We are so complcated we could simply not evolve and as Ben pointed out, Scientists do not allow any one to disagree with them, or they will and can lose their jobs.

How is that being honest and fair? plus even those fools could not explain how life started, they could only work from the idea that life already started and they go from their, so much for science. Rick b

BEAST FCD said...

Ben Stein is an ignoramus who doesn't even have a shred of understanding with regards to science.

And it gets worst when radio hosts don't even understand the very basic mechanics of evolution and still make fun of it. It doesn't offend me, but it reminds me how backward America is in terms of biology.

America is sliding dangerously backwards because of morons like you, Rick. Slowly and surely. I don't see such vehemence against Science in Europe or even China. You guys will reap what you sow.

Beast FCD

Interested said...

Science by its very definition is systematic. One step at a time toward a determination of facts. Of course science makes mistakes, but in ALL cases it is science that discovers and corrects its own mistakes.

1. a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences.
2. systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
3. any of the branches of natural or physical science.
4. systematized knowledge in general.
5. knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study.
6. a particular branch of knowledge.
7. skill, esp. reflecting a precise application of facts or principles; proficiency.

Interested said...

Beast, I do hope America is learning. At least there is more attention to the troubles caused by the mixing of church and state. I am hopeful; I must be...I live here!

BEAST FCD said...

I don't think so.........

Read this and laugh: