Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Lincoln Cents and 'In God We Trust' New Lincoln Cents and 'In God We Trust'

Another evil plot by atheists that wasn't.

But it should be. Why is that a motto that represents only a portion of the people should be forced on those of us who are not represented. It is a false motto and should be discontinued...

and I believe it will be in time.


rick b said...

I'm Not really sure what your getting at with this topic. Are you for having the in God we trust left on or removed?

Then as far as I go, A guy who believe the Bible and Believes in God, I really could care less if they remove or or leave it on.

Here is why I really could care less. The religious Leaders in Jesus day, tried to say, Jesus did not pay His taxes, So He asked for a coin.

They gave Him a coin, He said to them, Whose Picture is on the Coin, They said, it is Caesar's, So Jesus said to them, Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and unto God what belongs to God.

No place do we read in the Bible, God said, Put in God we trust on the Money.

Then when I get paid, I get a paper Check, In God we trust in Not written on that, it goes Right into the bank, I pay most of my Bills online, Some with Paper Checks, and some with a credit or Debit card, I never see the Cash anyway.

Then we slowly are headed to a cashless society. Maybe Some Christians care about the In God we Trust on the Money, But I as a believe do not. Rick b

Interested said...

Sorry if I was unclear...I am definitely against having any religious message on any government document or building. Separation of church and state is the cornerstone of our constitution.

BEAST FCD said...

In God we trust......but which one?

Beast FCD

Anonymous said...

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