Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dawkins vs Pope



Rick b said...

I listened to this and will listen to it again. Briefly, whats your point of this video. Then as for me, I seem to recall telling you I do not like the pope and I do not believe he knows Jesus and most likely has never read the Bible in his life.

As to Dawkins not liking the Pope, I agree with him on the Pope being cruel and evil to allow priests to molest little boys or older kids, then simply move the priests around knowing they will do it again.

I believe every pope before him that allowed this if they have died are likly in hell unless they repented and truly called upon God for forgiveness. Over all you will not get much debate from me on this, I have a few minor things to say about Dawkins and some things he said but thats about it.

Interested said...

I really wasn't looking for debate. I just wanted to keep this video for my own reference.

I am not a fan of the Pope either but I did find some of the statements made by Dawkins a bit harsh. He is one of the 5 horsemen and they are sometimes a little too harsh for my liking.

Rick b said...

I dont think he was to harsh, I think people need to be more willing to tell it like it is. I dont agree with everything Dawkins said, but I do agree with most. Since you were not looking to debate and you did not say that up front, I did not know. But I will simply end with this post. Hope all is well with you. Rick

Interested said...

I think what bothers me most is that as a leader among atheist I would rather he not take such a hard stance. It seems that it just fuels the critisim and the belief that atheist are horrible people.

I am not a bad person. My friends are not bad people but we are often associated with the ugly statements made by the the Four Horsemen.

I am glad they are trying to enlighten the world but I guess I prefer the more soft approach.

I agree also about the Pope, Mother Teresa and all the rest who "pretend" to care about poverty. Sell off the vatican art and you could feed the poor for years to come.

Rick b said...

The one thing I will say is this, You do not like how people perceive atheists based upon the words or actions of one or two people like Dawkins. So maybe you guys should show us Christians the same respect and courtesy, since you know as well as I do, many people look at what one or two big name Christians say and attach that to all of us.

I think you know me well enough by know, I do not hold the same ideas or opinions of some of these so called "Christian" Leaders. I know that I do not hold you to account by what they say or do, I do tend to get on you if I feel your not thinking for your self and you post something someone else said and it "appears" you did not look into the whole story.