Friday, December 3, 2010

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark Found

More than a year and a half since Christian explorers trumpeted their alleged discovery of Noah's Ark atop Mount Ararat in Turkey, a war of words is escalating among fellow believers who call the claim an intentional deception that will disparage an actual find of the biblical vessel.

In this photo from Noah's Ark Ministries International, an explorer is purported to be investigating a wooden structure on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey that it says may be the remnant of Noah's Ark mentioned in the Bible.

"Every false report undermines the potential of a true discovery by bolstering the critical view that Noah's Ark is a myth and therefore cannot be found," says a new report issued by the Virginia-based World of the Bible Ministries.

"Every false report further diminishes the potential of a true discovery by constantly exciting the public consciousness with a sensational claim that fails to deliver. The 'cry-wolf syndrome' then takes effect in society so that no one really cares even when the real thing is finally found."

When I was just a young girl there were stories circulating about the finding of Noah's Ark. I chased every story from my teen years until well in my adulthood. Haven't thought about it much in many years but I found this story interesting.

With the many scientific analysis of the feasibility of the bible story it surprised me that any one is still looking. However, I do hope someone does eventually find something to corroborate the story; then I guess there would still be argument about it.

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Rick b said...

I look at it this way. I do not need the ark to be found to be a believer in the Bible. I also really believe even if the ark was found, proved beyond any shadow of doubt that it was really the ark, the vast majority of atheists would still deny God was real. I say that because people dont want to be held accountable to a creator. Rick