Your Bible states that atheists are fools, yes. However, you have no evidence outside of your own Bible (as Christianity has no basis outside its own holy book) to back up such a claim. Christians only believe in Christianity "for the Bible tells me so."

To blanket-sweep atheists as fools is to ignore the inescapable fact that people who entrust their entire lives to a series of books put together by oppressive governments in the name of God are actually disallowing themselves to live--a rather foolish act in any educated person's opinion.

The Bible also states that God loves all mankind and yet, simply for being born as sinners (i.e., apparently not intelligently designed), are condemned to death (Romans 3:23 and 6:23). The evidence that God loves all mankind is apparent in that he had his own son slain in a pretty nasty m...anner to cover the sins of humanity. At first glance, that's sweet and all, but if that's how he treats his own son, how can we expect to be treated?

If you would not mind thinking for yourself while you read the Bible, you'll find it is replete with gaps in stories, contradictions, unacceptable cultural norms, and ultimately a God who is unworthy of worship from anyone. Genesis 1 and 2, for example, from the outset give two totally different creation myths. Read closely and use your brain; stop parroting what others have told you is right and determine for yourself what is right.

The Christian version of the fate of my eternal soul is a wee bit secondary to immediate considerations in THIS life on EARTH and will remain so until I've been given sufficient reason to believe a fiery place of physical torment is going to make my non-physical soul miserable and it is more desirable to spend eternity with a mass-murdering split-personality maniac who kills his kid because he likes creatures he made with dirt.

Christian theology makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and there is no actual evidence to support any of it. It also rips off theologies of ancient pagans, even taking the festival of Yule to be the traditional birth date of Jesus and the fertility celebration of early spring, often called Ostara for western pagan cults, to be the time of Easter.

I will grant you that the conclusions I drew in this comment are, of course, only my opinions, but unlike you, I backed them up with actual examples rather than spouting off ignorant nonsense.

If you cannot engage in civil, intelligent discussion, why are you here?