Friday, August 24, 2012

So what do we do now?

We can vote for a team who made promises and didn't keep many of them in the last 4 years or we can vote for a guy who believes he will be god on his own planet and a VP who thinks Ayn Rand is a great model for good living. Oh and by the way they represent the same party as the guy who thinks a woman can prevent pregnancy during "legitimate" rape.

Where is our ballot with "none of the above"?


rick b said...

I have said this to many people, not sure if I said it here or not. Even single one of these guys Lie and are corrupt. I dont like any of them and I dont hold out hope that even if Obama gets re-elected things will only get worse. If Mitt gets elected, this will simply stay the same for a while and then get worse.

Sadly though, you can either not vote, or vote for none of the above, but it will not keep either of them out of office. So I guess as sad as it is, the best bet is to vote for who who think is the lesser of two evils.

And I have reasons why I want both to win , and also both to lose. My honest opinion is, Obama will be re-elected.

Interested said...

I guess that is my fear. I live in a very conservative state so my vote really won't count if I vote for Obama but I simply cannot vote for a guy who wears magic underwear!

rick b said...

Please share your thoughts on this. Sometimes I feel whats the point in voting, I figure if it really boils down to the so called electoral college vote.

I dont believe I am the only one that feels this way, but who is to say they are being honest in voting.

I mean lets use small numbers to make this easy. Lets say a state has 10 thousand people in it. And lets say 7,000 vote for Obama and 3,000 vote for Mitt.

Then the E.C. should cast their vote for Obama, but who's to say they wont in fact vote for Mitt? Or vice versa?

Honestly, who keeps these people accountable to do what they claim? We see so much lies and corruption how can we trust them and really know the lies and corruption have not effected the E.C.?