Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Easy to be a Christian

It’s easy to be a Christian

Being a Christian allows one to have an outlet for any problem. If things go well you have someone to thank, if things go badly you can blame it on God because it is, after all, God’s will. In addition you have so many folks with which to commiserate when you lose a loved one. Each of them will tell you that your loved one is in a better place and that you will see them again in heaven. What a deal!

As a Christian, one can suspend any difficult thinking by listening to the Sunday sermon and realizing that the minister is the expert on the bible and that the message he delivers is straight from God. Easy!

As a Christian, you don’t have to worry about this life as long as you worship God and live a good life, whatever that is, you never die; you just go to that better place where the streets flow with milk and honey. No fear of death!

What a deal Christians have! Me, I’m and atheist so I have only myself and those around me to thank for the good stuff and only myself to blame when it goes sour. Ouch!

When I read something in the Bible, I have to figure it out for myself, look for corroborating evidence and make an informed decision as to the truth because as an atheist, I have no faith. I can’t just trust that I will someday understand. I want to understand now because I only have one life, this one.

When I lose a loved one, it’s over, kaput, done, worm food. I don’t buy the afterlife and the milk and honey deal so no comfort for me. Too bad, I like milk and honey.

So you Christians have it easy…. someone to take the responsibility from your shoulders, and someone to thank because you couldn’t do it without Him,  someone to tell you what God thinks and wants…a never-ending life…and you are satisfied that faith is a good way to live.

I sometimes wish I could believe all that but alas, one cannot believe on cue, and faith is not reason nor reasonable in a modern world where knowledge doubles every few years.

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