Sunday, September 23, 2007

Creationism Explained

I came across this interview of a South Hampton Creationist by Sam Harris. I was stunned at the absurd answers he gave. Can you imagine a Tyrannosaurs Rex on a boat with several thousand other animals and humans? Seems to stretch the imagination beyond all. This is a sample of the questions.

How has mankind developed into so many different races in such a short time?

Adam and Eve would have had all the genetic information there and as they breed their offspring would have different
characteristics, and as the breeding continues and certain groups breed within themselves then certain characteristics would start to dominate, such as blackskin and smaller eyes. There is no reason that couldn't occur within several
hundred years. The common thinking at the moment is that Eve came from Africa.

What happened to god created Eve...from Africa?


rick b said...

I do not know your exact view of the question of how we got here, but I think it is both sad and funny how people say creation is wrong because of putting creatures upon the ark.

I know and have heard many hard core evolutionists state by way of the big bang that a whole bunch of NOTHING crashed into more nothing and formed Gases. As best they can tell, these gases were and are deadly.

Now a bolt of lighting hits this deadly gas and we all of a sudden have a single cell life. Then over time this single cell gets a scratch that mutates into something, and threw random chance scratch upon scratch we get an Eye, an Arm a lung etc, so over millions of years we have humans.

Not exactly like that but along those lines. The even sadder part is this, If a human man or women has a finger cut off then gives birth, the baby is not born with a finger missing, yet this single cell creature that got a scratch, has the scratch passed onto it's off spring.

We do the same to Dogs, we cut their tail off when they are puppy's, or remove the forskin on males, yet they do not pass this onto the next generation, but the scratch was passed on and some how evolved into a good thing.

Then, these so called mutations were good for forming life, but now the same things will kill us.

I could go on about this, like the human g,nome, not sure how to spell it, anyway, take the Power ball lottery where I live, it has 26 numbers to choose from, millions play every day, their are times where the jack pot hit the high millions because people cannot pick 6 numbers and these numbers do not need to be in correct order to win.

Yet the smallest of the either gnomes or chromosomes, not exactly sure which, are made up up 26 digits, the evolutionists, and scientists both claim that in oder for life to have occurred during the bug bang, these 26 digits that make up life would have to been put in exactly the correct order the very first time.

That would be like trying to take the 26 letters of the alphabet and throwing them up into the air and hopping they would land in order from a-z the first time.

Lottery player prove this cannot happen, as we have millions of tickets daily trying to pick just 6 numbers. So who is the fool for believing the Ark story verses the Big bang story? Rick b

Interested said...

I'm not qualified to argue evolution but it seems no more fantastic than someone puting two of every creature, with or without dinosaurs, on a boat.

rick b said...

I'm not qualified to argue evolution either, But the Odds that God exists and created humans is more believable due to the over whelming evidence, verses Nothing crashing into nothing creates poision gas, that gets hit by lighting and then causes life. Rick b

tina said...

Interested, What evidence is there for god?

Interested said...

Goo question Tina. I haven't found any.