Friday, September 7, 2007

September Dawn

In a discussion about the movie a writer states:

This subject has become very personal to me as of late. I have read Jaunita Brooks and am now reading Will Bagley. Having been to Mountain Meadows twice in the last year, the latest about 10 days ago. It is history and as important to know about as any other tragic event.

Some questions I pose are:

1. Why did BY parade around for several years after in one of the carriages owned by the Fancher party, of course the best one?

2. Why did the small children remark that some lady was wearing their dead mother's dress?

3. Why is it when the children were returned to the families the people who had tended to them filed claims against the government for foster care payments?

4. Why were the children, dirty, lice infested when they were returned.?

and lastly,

5. Why weren’t the children returned immediately to their families, why the hold up?

These are questions that were raised in my mind, in researching the
tragedy. It happened, the Mormons participated, acknowledged that they did and answer the questions if you can.Hollywood is Hollywood and will add to the story, but instead of focusing on the Hollywood aspect, focus on the event itself.

I found this while lurking about and I would love to hear the answers.


Matt said...

Interesting information you found. So, if BY did not order the murders, why would he want to profit from it?

Interested said...

Good question. Hopfully someone will provide additional info.