Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Christian Nation ?

In a conversation with a fellow teacher recently, I revealed that I am an atheist. She immediately asked me, “So you worship Satan, then?” Of course, I told her that I do not worship any supreme being. The conversation then turned to the fact that we live in a Christian Nation and that our country was founded on Christian principals.

In searching for items that would disprove or at least argue her point, I found this well done article. Every Christian should read it.

Daylight Atheism > Is America a Christian Nation?


rick b said...

Hello Interested.
I watched a video about 2 months ago, I will try and get the name of the Video and it comes with a website, I will post them here for you as soon as I can get them.

Anyway, the Video was showing how the Founding fathers were believers in Christ and supplied evidence of this. So I guess this is another case like anything, both sides provide evidence saying they are correct.

Here are my thoughts and I know many Believers who feel the founding fathers were believers wont really like my thoughts.

Who cares, if the founding fathers were believers or not? I was raised kinda like you, A non-believing athiest, I do not know about you, But as I shared about myself here before, I was a real trouble maker, Did Drugs, was a drunk, stole, tried to kill, had to see a shrink, had the police over all the time, learned how to make Pipe bombs and destroy things.

I was lousy in school, even hated it, I never really learned one way or the other a whole lot about our founding fathers. When I finally gave my life to Christ, I was about 22 years old back in 92.

My choice to follow Christ came about after years of living for my self and harming many in my life. But one thing about my Choice to follow Christ, was not knowing the founding fathers were or were not believers.

I really do not care if this is true or not because it really has no effect on my Choice to follow Christ or not. I follow Jesus and not the founding fathers.

Also I know a few Christians who do agree with you and that the founding fathers were not Christians.

Let me ask you a question, Would you follow Jesus if it were proven to you that the founding fathers were Christian? I bet you would say no. Also even if they were, how does that effect your day to day like today knowing one way or the other?

As for me it has no effect on my day to day like. I have friends who live over in Canada, Africa, Austrailla, and Isreal, yet all my friends in the various countries will tell you, their Country's were not founded upon Christian Beliefe, yet they still choose to follow Jesus and call him Lord. It really does not effect their walk with Jesus. But that is simply my thoughts. Rick b

tina said...

Cracks me up when people think you are a devil worshiper is you're atheist...hellooo, don't believe in the devil either...

Larro said...

Want to understand the founders?

Simple. Read their own writings.

I recommend Thomas Paine, the man who coined the term "United States of America".

I care rick b, because when Christian fundamentalists begin to propagate these lies it's a clear signal of what the agenda really is. To desecularize this country.

I worship Seitan!