Thursday, August 28, 2008

What can I Say?

I've been away because my daughter has been very upset at my critizism of her religion. She takes it as a personal afront, which I guess it is. I really do dislike all religions but mormoms are particullarly hard to swallow. I have watched my two very lovely granddaughters become bitter and astranged from their families and it hurts. But that said...I am trying not to antagonize her anymore. I guess I need a new cause...any ideas?


anton said...


From someone who knows . . .

Have them explain D&C 134:12 to you. It shakes them up every time. If it doesn't they are truly lost.

If you haven't got a Book of Mormon, I'm certain a good LDS would be pleased to give you one.

Interested said...

Anton thanks for the suggestion but I really don't think I can say anything about mormonism to her without completely alienating her. I love my daughter and my grandchildren and not having them in my life or being in theirs is not a option.

BEAST FCD said...

Try Secular Humanism.

Or Humanists for Science.