Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's wrong with teaching ID?


Rick b said...

I love how they quote Sharon Angle saying, we were not their to see if creation is true or not. How silly of me, Evolutionists can say that, but when we counter with, you were not their to see the Big bang, were called stupid.

How about this, I have said many times were not evolving and their is no evidence for it, I then hear the reply, it is so slow we cannot see it.

I then reply with, we have history going back 1,000,s of years and we see no evidence of it, to which people then reply, It happened so fast that it took place before we knew it. Such lame arguments from evolutionists and serve lack of evidence. Yet were called stupid.

Interested said...

"I then reply with, we have history going back 1,000,s of years and we see no evidence of it"

Rick, what evidence are you speaking of? You are absolutely correct there is so much evidence for evolution that there is not a credible biologist, anthropologist, anatomist or any other discipline in science who refutes it. Michael Behe has been denounced a number of times by many in the scientific community. I don't want to debate this with you because you do not accept the information that is out there.

My point in posting this is to make the statement that as a society we must not allow our children to be at the bottom of the list in science. Do you realize that we are, as a nation, just barely ahead of Turkey? Is that what you want for your children?

You are not stupid and I would never say that but you are in denial. I know you think it is opposed to your faith but I ask you please to read the book I suggested. The author is a Christian an he is brilliant at explaining how the bible and evolution are different things and not in any way opposed. The book is "It's only a theory" by Kenneth R Miller. Please read it, I think you will truly enjoy it.

Rick b said...

I never said their was evidence for evolution, I said their is zero evidence for it.

As I have said before and will say it again, Evolutionists cannot prove the big bang or even prove how we got here, they simply ASSUME how we got here with out any evidence. Now how can you guys claim their is no evidence for creation, therefore it must be false, yet even though their is no evidence for the Big Bang or any other theory, yet it's still taught as fact and truth.

You said My point in posting this is to make the statement that as a society we must not allow our children to be at the bottom of the list in science. Do you realize that we are, as a nation, just barely ahead of Turkey? Is that what you want for your children?

It's not a matter of wanting my kids to be behind in Science, it's a matter of not wanting my kids lied to and having an agenda pushed upon them. Either both sides should be taught or neither side taught.

How can you guys teach evolution as fact despite the FACT you have zero evidence for it?

Now I will post another post right after this giving a real life example using me and me being back in college.

Rick b said...

Ok, my real life example is this.
As many people know I am back in school for a (associates degree). One of these classes I needed to take was environmental science. Now I am paying 43,000 dollars to go to school and the teacher clearly had an agenda to push.

Many students were mad that he pushed his agenda. Since were paying thousands of dollars and were adults we should be able to hear and debate both sides.

This guy asked us three questions in class.

1. Is the world over populated, Yes or No?

2. If yes how do we solve this problem

3. We will assume yes, lets talk about it.

Now I said I do not believe the world is over populated and were not running out of food or natural resources.

He said we will not be talking about that, we will simply assume the world is over populated.

Now he then told us we needed to do a power point presentation and speak for a minimum of 5 minutes and a max of 10 minutes.

He said we need to talk about problems facing the environment and how to solve them. He said we are NOT ALLOWED to talk about people like Al Gore or others that we feel are kooks or nuts.

I said I want to talk about how the world is not over populated and he said I could not, I needed to find a problem and talk about that.

I told him I cannot get up in front of the class and defend a position I do not believe exists. He said that was my problem.

Well I beat him at his own game, I told him I would talk about how we are wasting water and I would get my point in at the same time that we are not over populating the earth.

This is what I did. I googled the state of Texas to find out how many square acres it is, Then I googled how many golf corses are in the united states and the world. Then I googled how many cemetery's are in the united states.

I dont recall the exact details or have them in front of me, but it went something like this.

I told the class that in the United States their are 15-17 thousand Golf courses, The average golf course
is around 126 acres on the low end and 200 plus on the high end.

The state of Texas is about 900,000 acres. Now if we take all the golf courses in the united states and add up the total acres it makes enough ground to make a land mass the size of Texas.

Now we have roughly 3 million cemetery's in the United States, If we take all that land mass we have another land mass the size of Texas. Them we have so many national and State parks we have enough land mass to make 2 more States the size of Texas. So now we have 5 States the size of Texas that we cannot live on, raise cattle, Cut tress, or anything.

But we water them, mow them and cannot live on them. So we do have enough land so as to not be over populated. Then this does not take into account the Golf courses or Cemetery's or private land masses in foreign countries.

It's stuff like this that people refuse to talk about or even let us talk about, I did all my own home work and the only reason I was able to bring this up in class is I used these facts along with talking about how much water is wasted on golf courses. I showed pictures of golf courses in California.

These golf courses are located in Desserts and are supplied with water and so much water that they have water hazards. So we waste all this water then cry and complain were running out of fresh water and natural resources. So he was clearly pushing an agenda and did not want me talking about what I did.

But I am a crafty one and beat him at his own game. I ended up with an (A) in his class, and I post my grades on my food blog for people who care. The other environmental teacher pushes evolution and will not allow debate of creationism which is lame since as I said, we are paying almost 50,000 dollars and are adults.

Interested said...

Rick there is much evidence for evolution, so much that it is accepted completly in the world of science. What do you make of Lucy and the even older skeletons found in recent years. My goodness, there is so much evidence it is difficult to put it all together.

Evolution is going on around us everyday. Look at the bacteria that become drug resistant; survival of the fittest at work. And cockroaches...stronger and stronger poison is needed to get rid of them because they adapt to the stuff and it has no effect on them.

Look at the human genome and realize that humans and chimps are only 2% different and have many of the same dna sequences. I am still learning myself because I started late but I am so fascinated by the discoveries everyday.

Look at new discoveries and explainations for questions we ask every day.

Interested said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are in school. It sounds like you will have some disappointments if you try to avoid the subject of evolution or try to inject religious beliefs into classes, especially at colleges. I'm not your mom but if I am still proud of you for your determination and hard work for an education. Keep reading, keep learning; there is a wonderful world out there with many more questions than answers. Seeking the answers is what leads to progress and why in the 21st century we can stand proud as Americans; that we have been a part of the progress. I just want us to continue to learn and discover all that is about us.

Rick b said...

I love it when people try and argue the fact that chimps and humans are so close in DNA.

I love it because for one that does not prove we evolved from monkeys, and two, if we were not so close to them in DNA we could not eat them.

Are DNA is close to everything we eat, our DNA is not even close to rocks or steel or trees or any of that, That is why we cannot eat those things.

Bugs and Bactria are getting stronger not because of evolution but from over use of drugs. Many doctors have said as much, we as a society are way over medicated.

It's the same thing with using the antibacterial soap, we are using it to our own harm. People are starting to say we need to get back out side and play in the dirt and stop being so paranoid of germs.

As far as a lot of the skulls like pilt down man and others, they have been exposed as frauds, So called scientists or evolutionists have committed this fraud trying to "prove" Evolution is real.

Rick b said...

Interested, I listen to all sides, I listen to National public radio and conservative talk radio. I was listing to NPR the other day and I came into the show late, But one thing they mentioned was, why does a giraffe have a long neck? or how did it get it's long neck?

They said that it was result of the giraffe trying to stretch really hard to reach fruit high up on a tree. Sad as it is so called smart people belief this stuff and they teach it as fact. Yet when you can so easily disprove this by saying things like, Why is it a giraffe stretches it's neck to reach fruit, therefore that was how it got it's long neck, yet a human man gets circumcised and his off spring are not born that way. Or you snip a puppy's tail and it's off spring are not born that way. Or I get cut or burn on my arm and my off spring are not born that way, yet a giraffes off spring are some how born with longer necks as a result of it stretching it's neck.

Also as I said before, Years ago I have heard many people who teach or believe in Evolution say that we resulted from "Good" Mutations. They explained these mutations as beings, little single cell creatures acquiring a cut or scratch or something, and that over time resulted in the formation of an eye ball, or mouth or what ever was needed.

Why is it these so called smart people can say with out evidence things like, A fish got caught up on land and somehow evolved a way of breathing air, they went from gills to lungs. Or a creature went from lungs to gills, or a land creature kept jumping from tree to tree, then all of a sudden grew wings and could fly. Yet despite the overwhelming lack of evidence, so called smart people believe this and teach it as fact. Then someone like me comes along and points out the obvious, Whales beach themselves, they do not all of a sudden developed lungs and legs and live? If they can die that fast after beaching themselves, how could fish grow lungs.

If people say, well they came on land for a while then went back into the water and over time it happened, then it would stand to reason people like Michael Phelps should have grown gills. It's crazy, I get called stupid for pointing out refutable logic, that no one can give me honest answers, yet they continue to claim with out evidence, all these things happened as they say they did. Why is that?