Friday, April 29, 2011

Biblical Scholar Interview

Okay I do have more to say.


Rick B said...

Interested, Where do you find these idiots? I think if your going to read books or post videos then I will give you some names to look up. But the people you post are clueless Idiots and I believe you know as well as I do that they are and thats why you post them.

Look up Norman L. Geisler or John Ankerberg or Dave Hunt, or Ken Graves, or W.A. Tozer orcheck out this website,

The names I listed are just a few, but these guys know the Bible and are not clueless idiots like you post. I honestly suspect you would not post videos by these guys or even read many books by them from cover to cover since they know their stuff and tell it like it is like I do.

They wont sit and say stupid stuff like, The bible is fiction and is wrong.

Interested said...

What do you classify as an idiot? A person who doesn't agree with you?

Rick B said...

A person that does not agree with me is not an idiot.

A person who claims to be a scholar on something and then has no clue what he is talking about is an idiot.

Let me add something here, You and all other atheists that I have talked to or simply read stuff by them all seem to have this crazy idea that if someone say they are a christian, but yet teach or say things that dont line up with scripture are still Christians simply because they said they were.

Have you ever heard of an actor? I know you have, it's a rhetorical question. Well in movies, some actors play serial Killers, Or child molesters, or even the best loving husband in the world. Yet in reality these people are not.

Have you ever heard of false teachers and prophets? What about Hypocrites and liars?

How come you and other atheists can except the fact and admit that people can be and are Hypocrites and liars, yet when it comes to Christians, you simply take them at their word.

I am willing to bet my life that if I had a friend you guys never meet or saw a picture of, had this person go on camera and said they were a hard core atheist, They had a PHD from Harvard or Yale, had just enough knowledge to speak a few big scientific words, but then basically said atheism and evolution is wrong and things along that lines, I know for a fact, you guys would tell me I am posting videos from a fraud.

You would not quietly sit by and say, Rick, since that guys says he has a degree and knows big words he must know what he is talking about. Thats absurd.

Also I think you should read your bible better, In the Book of Timothy it says, In the later days, some will depart from the faith and believe in lies. How can some one depart from the faith if they never had it.

That verse is saying Believers will leave their faith and believe and teach lies. This is one of those guys.

Let me ask you a question, You claim not to believe anything I believe or say, yet you find so called Christians that tell you what you want to hear and believe and you believe them, why is that?

I recall talking about China and Russia and how they will invade Israel, You found a so called Christian who claims thats not true, yet you believed Him since he said it was not true.

Now you get this moron on video and you believe Him since he does not believe the Bible. Honestly, you claim I have no evidence, yet you dont believe me, Yet you believe these mormons and they have no evidence.

You are actually more biblical than you care to believe. They Bible speaks of people in the last days who will heap up teachers who will tickle their itching ears by telling them what they want to hear.

Interested said...

Rick he does not claim to be a scholar, he is. He teaches new testament history. He is not a Christian and doesn't claim to be.
He is a scholar.
Norman Geisler is an evangelical seminary teacher and not objective.
John Ankerber is a theologian and not objective.
Ken Graves and W.A Tozer are ministers; nuff said.

The website you gave me is also evangelical. None of these are objective.

The reason I posted this for you is because this guy is objective. He was a minister, went to seminary and then studied at secular universities as well.

Preachers and theologial studies at seminary are not in the same league with scholars. If you listen to Ehrman, which I don't think you did, he explains how he and other scholars come to the conclusions they do. He talks about "in context" study, understanding the times in order to understand the text.

I have told you a number of times I am not trying to convince you of anything so stop fighting against it so hard. I found him interesting, not in agreement with everything but interesting. Thought you might as well.

Rick B said...

Good for him that he says he is a scholar and you believe he is.

Why should I trust him to know anything about the Bible since He clearly is not a believer and does not believe the Bible or God.

Just because he went to school means nothing. In the Bible you will never read Jesus or anyone for that matter saying, You must go to school before you can know about God or the Bible.

If you read Acts 17:11, that is for everyone, even you and me. It say we are to search the scriptures to know if these things are true.

In other words, I dont simply blindly believe someone saying, Rick the Bible says this or that, They can tell me, but I must go and read to see for my self if it is really said or not.

You dismiss people I mentioned because in your mind they are not scholars, well they dont need to be. They are men that read the Bible and know what it says.

Then as I said before the Bible tells about teachers who will try and lead people astray and about false prophets. How can I know for sure that 1. this guy truly is objective as you seem to think he is? And 2. why should I trust him to not be lying or leading people astray since he clearly is not a believer and he does not believe in God. But since he has a so called religious background maybe he is using that to try and lead people away.

Also not all Christians feel this way, but I know many who do, we call Seminary "Cemetery" The place where Christians go to die. So many so called Christian Seminary's do not teach the word of God and would not know who God was if God tripped them.

Way to many of these places deny the scriptures and the Things the Bible says and teaches. So this guy also went to secular university, Teaching at them and learning from them is not the place to learn about God, or even teach honestly about God since they really dont want the scriptures taught their. In order to teach their you really need to water down what you believe.

So that is not a trust worthy source even though you feel he is a scholar. He is a scullery scholar who's mind is full of mush and He is a Genesis 1:1 Teacher. His teachings are with out form or substance.

Rick B said...

Hey Interested, Here is something the Bible says, And I believe it fits the people like this Scholar you mentioned.

2Timothy 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Thats this guy, and many others.