Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution

It is interesting how many churches have finally come to terms with the scientific discoveries of the age. I know it must hurt many Christians to think that what they have believed so whole-heartedly is now being debunked at every corner but there is really no choice.

This from Jonathan Dudley:

But beyond a certain point, this reasoning breaks down. Because no amount of talk about "worldviews" and "presuppositions" can change a simple fact: creationism has failed to provide an alternative explanation for the vast majority of evidence explained by evolution.

It has failed to explain why birds still carry genes to make teeth, whales to make legs, and humans to make tails.

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rick b said...

I dont agree with the author of the article. I believe all this is just as the Bible says, People love lies and darkness rather than truth.

Many people who believe evolution claim the grand canyon was created over millions of years with very little water. They claim that the Creation's are stupid for believing otherwise.

Yet if you look back a few years ago when Mount Saint Helen's erupted, it spewed out so much water that over a period of maybe 72 hours or less it created a mini grand canyon.

Lots of water over little time. Also the so called questions they claim were never answered or cannot be answered, Some how it would not surprise me if they were answered, yet people refuse to here the answers.

Their are probably hundreds of thousands of Scientists both that teach evolution and creation through out the whole world. I dont have time to try and read every article ever written by all of them to see if they are answered.

But I do know this much, their are many questions that evolutionists have not answered and they cannot agree on an answer.

Despite that, I know for a fact people who choose to believe in evolution never say, since these questions cannot be answered I guess they must be wrong.

I am willing to bet and even admit Creationists still look for some answers and cannot find them yet for everything. But then so do non-christian scientists.

Look up Roger Oakland, at one time he was a major name among evolutionists, But after looking at all the evidence he denounced it and because a creationist.