Sunday, September 11, 2011

Does Freewill Exist?


Interested said...

I posted this last night without a comment of my own so I will correct that now.

Not long ago I was reading an indepth discussion about freewill; armed with my new information I headed to my discussion group and learned that there are lots of opinions about the existence of freewill.

Sam Harris presents it well and gives me lots to think about. I had not previoulsly known, for example, that science has proved that the change occurs in the brain BEFORE we decide to do something. So that being the case, it would seem that our decision is not a decision at all but an outward expression of an internal process. I need much more study to decide on this one.

rick b said...

I believe in free will, I dont believe sam has a clue, Just because he uses his free will to say we dont have free will and we are nothing more than chemicals means nothing to me.

Animals do not have free will, they are just chemicals, I love how P.E.T.A. People try and tell us to go vegan and not eat meat. Thats great of you want to be a vegan, but once you can talk animals into not eating each other then we can talk. Animals are just that, animals, they cannot build buildings, write poems, Become doctors, Etc. They are simply a creation and have no free will

rick b said...

We have free will and it is a choice. To me People really want to deny free will and say we have none because if we dont have free will, then somehow people can think or say, how can God be real and how can we be held accountable if we really dont have free will.

Also if we have no free will, then the choices we make are not ours, so we should set all killers and drug dealers free, and we should stop teaching evolution in schools, and Atheists should stop writing blogs about Christians and us Christians should just go back to living how ever we want.

Like I said, We have free will and can choose to do these things, animals cannot because they have no free will.

Interested said...

I think we must consider that environment and genetics play a part in all our decision making. You say that animals don't have freewill but we are animals, granted a higher form, more intelligent thinking, but still animals in every sense.
It seems that any decision I make will be based on what I know or don't know about the consequences of my decision. Every memory, thought, scene, sound and touch we experience goes into any decision we make. Just my opinion but I really feel that free will is an illusion. We are not free to make decisions in the sense that it is a random decision. All our decisions are based on prior knowledge and experience.