Monday, August 29, 2011


I read recently, or maybe a while ago, that perception is everything. So if what I say is perceived in some way other than what I intended, my meaning is changed for that person. This bugs me a little, maybe a lot.

Am I responsible for how you take what I say? Even if I am just being honest about my feelings or experiences? I'm not talking about saying you are fat, or you're too skinny or you drink too much but if I just say something about what I had for breakfast is it my fault you think I am telling you to go on a diet? Come on, life is too short to get all uptight because your perception doesn't match my meaning.

And your reaction to what I say is in your control not mine. You cannot control what I say any more than I can control what you say but what I can do is control how I react to what you say. I am angry when I voice my opinion about something and then the entire world is turnd upside down because I am "insensitive". Well grow up! If you can't play with the big boys find a new playground.

So now, lest ye all think I am directing this at you, fear not. The person who really needs to see and take heed will not do so. Probably a good thing since I am so insensitive.

Thanks for reading my rant!

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rick b said...

I agree with you, Now a days everyone freaks out over every little thing.