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What would the world be without religion?

The following is borrowed for the author and not my work. He has done an excellent job of putting it all together. I will only add a few comments.

Chris 'Nugget'
- 1.5 million people during Crusades
- 7,000,000 during the Saracen slaughters in Spain.
- 2,000,000 Saxons and Scandinavians lost their lives opposing the introduction of Christianity.
- 1,000,000 in the Holy Wars
- 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 Deaths during the French religious wars
- 8,000,000 during the thirty years war
These figures are from between around 1090 to 1650 and I have only included the major religious conflicts, there are millions more in smaller but still significant occurrences. So within around 600 years 23 million people died between 6 conflicts and mass murders.


Have you ever stopped to think about what our world would be like without religion? Well, I have. And it would be incredibly different. Religion has disadvantaged the human race in more ways than one and it is time to change and rid the human race of its many unrealistic superstitions. True that there are many disadvantages because of religion however, I do not deny that there are many advantages because of religion. My problem with this is that there is much good without religion and I will not give credit to religion for all the good in the world any more that I blame religion for all the ills of the world. The optimum word here is ALL, but definitley some on both sides.

What would the world be like without religion? "Religion without science is blind." This quote is from one of the most intelligent men that has ever lived, Albert Einstein. People like Einstein were prevented by the churches from spreading their knowledge throughout the world. For example Galileo, through his studies, discovered that the earth revolved around the sun. But the churches of the time opposed his solid evidence, saying that - because of what they had read in books written around 1100 years before-hand by a few old men; who had not even come in contact with ‘Jesus’ – the earth was the centre of the whole universe. It is estimated that if religion never existed, the human race would be three times more advanced than we are now, this is equivalent to man having a colony on Mars. Religious principles have been proved wrong by science over and over again. I have a bit of a problem with saying religious principles are proven wrong...which principles? and wrong how?

What would the world be like without religion? “Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity“. This is a quote from another historical figure, Thomas Jefferson. If it were not for religion, and in this case, Christianity, millions upon millions of people of different religions would not have been murdered throughout the crusades, witch-hunts and other cases where religion was the cause or excuse for the murder and execution of people, mainly in the dark ages. It is also possible that the dark ages themselves would have not existed if religion didn’t. During these times many people were brainwashed and believed that witches and other supernatural beings were everywhere, causing them to hunt down so called witches and werewolves. Enough said here. No amount of denial by the religious community can refute this.

There have always been tensions between different religions and in many instances, conflict. There have been many injuries and deaths as a result of these conflicts and many of these casualties are not even from the fighting in the conflicts, they are the elderly, or women and children brutally murdered, raped or bludgeoned because they believed in a different ‘outlandish’ religion and ‘bogus’ god. More often than not, the conflicts were a result of a play for power by a dominant leader, wanting more, using religion to justify their acts of inhumanity.

Even in today’s world there is great tension between different religions, for example the terrorist attacks where; once again, innocent people were needlessly killed. Muslim extremists who believed that Christians are evil and must be destroyed, decided to ram two planes into a couple of buildings killing thousands of mothers, fathers, daughters and brothers, affecting a whole nation, and even the whole world, and They justify the slaughter by saying its an act of God. For example, the mass murders and the ‘holocausts’ that have happened in recent centuries, over 200,000,000 people of different faiths have been murdered because they do not fit in, or they clash with the beliefs of a more powerful religion. This is a comparatively small amount however when compared to the amount of people who have died as martyrs which come to a total of over 290,000,000.

There have been many people who have died because of this blind stupidity. When people believe that there is somehow a better, more peaceful life beyond this life, it undervalues this life. Consider the following for example, Heavens Gate cult or more commonly known, religious establishment at ‘Jonestown’ in 1978 was led by Jim Jones who was a great leader. However, he believed that the world was coming to an end and believed that the Bible said that the only way to get to the ‘kingdom of heaven’ was to have a ceremony and commit suicide. He did this, along with 909 other weak minded people that he tricked using his religion. Without the power of religion this would have been unlikely to happen.
Even more recent, is the ‘Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God’ in 2000. The leaders of this group claimed that they had seen visions of the Virgin Mary and also believed that the world was going to come to an end. They told their many followers these outlandish claims, and conned 778 people into killing themselves and others in a series of fires, poisonings and murders. This is yet another example of the power of religion and its destructive properties.

What would the world be like without religion? Many people die every year from diseases and sickness, some of which could be treated and saved from a certain death but who reject transplants and transfusions due to their religious beliefs one such religion is Jehovah’s Witness. These people do not accept or give blood because they believe that blood is sacred to God. They also do not allow organ transplants. There are a number of other religions that do not accept organ transplants and blood transfusions; these people die long and painful deaths which can be prevented.

It’s not just the physical impacts that religion has on humans, but the mental. People who are deeply involved and taken up by religion believe in religion itself and nothing else. Christians for example, believe that the earth and everything in it was created 6000 years ago. They also believe other similarly unrealistic fables written down by senile men, who were probably experimenting with mind expanding substances, around 2000 years ago. These indulged people do not allow anything scientific to interrupt their religious beliefs and therefore leads to them being ignorant and intolerant about what’s really happening around them.

If you, the person reading this are totally indulged in your religion, this whole essay would have gone over your head, and you have just wasted 5 minutes of your life. But these 5 minutes can’t compare to a whole life time that you have already wasted, following some thing that isn’t real, chasing something that doesn’t exist.

So in conclusion I would like to say what I see in a world without religion is peace, love and good will for the sake of being good not for some reward in a non existent afterlife. And further, even if there was an afterlife why waste this one looking for the next one.


rick b said...

Even if you could get rid of all religion, you would still have atheists that kill and cause harm.

Mao Zedong was an atheist, and he had anywhere between 40 and 70 million killed through starvation or murder.

Their are most likely other atheists over the years that had that many or close to it killed.

Interested said...

Rick I don't deny that there would still be atheist who kill and sociopath of all stripes however, none do it in the name of atheism. My problem with religion is that in many cases they use god as a justification for doing what they want.

I don't think we will ever be rid of religion or god but I do think we are getting closer to an intelligent society who puts away the superstition in favor of a peaceful coexistence.

Interested said...

Religion and most believer preach peace and love but only for those who agree with them. They preach hell fire and brimstone to all who disagree.

rick b said...

I have said this many times, But no matter how many times I say this, Atheists reject it, this shows that you guys only want to believe what you want to believe.

I hate religion, I agree, lets get rid of it. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship with God. And all "True" Christians do not run around and kill. Yes we make mistakes and maybe lie here and their, and do stupid things, were not perfect.

And even Jesus said, Their will be many people on the last day who will say to Jesus, Lord, Lord, did I not perform miracles in Your name? Did I not cast out demons in your name? Feed the poor and do all these good works in Your Name?

Jesus will say to them, Depart from Me into everlasting fire FOR I NEVER KNEW YOU.

So even Jesus claims some people are not His and not known by Him. religion is nothing more than works based system and what can I do to appease God? God said He did it all for us and all we need to do is believe.

Interested said...

Can you stop believing? No. Nor can I believe. What we believe is not a choice. I cannot believe something just because I want to.

Religion, organized or christianity, as a personal relationship with a supernatural being is a rose by any other name. I'm sure you see yourself differently but you "believe" in things with out evidence. I know you think the bible is evidence but we've been here before. Evidence is specific, reproduceable, tangible, and observable.

Interested said...

Okay read the essay. Objectively, the person did have several "persuasive argument" errors in his choice of words and phrases. These errors were easily revealed while reading the essay, but also confirmed by the other's comments. With that said one such phrase made an impression on me "Believe a more peaceful life beyond this life, devalues this life".... think this is a powerful statement.

The writer stated "causalities" from religious aspect....but did not reveal the causalities of non-religious movements. It would make no sense to list casualties for no religious because we are talking about religion. People often bring this up and me nor anyone I know denies that non religious i.e. atheist like Stalin , commit horrible atrocities. However, they do not do it in the name of atheism or non belief. Religionist do it in the name of god.

Would be interesting to know this number. Politics and power, can and have, had devastating results...look what Bush did going into Iraq...the USA had no valid USA reason for going into Iraq (this was purely for Bush's own agenda). How many innocent people (young USA men and women, Iraq's young men and women, and also the other country's men and women who went into Iraq) died all for one person's personal nonreligious agenda? Bush said that he had prayed about it and that god told him it was the right thing to do. He also stated that god was on the side of the US so we were right. That makes me cringe. Do those we oppose not also believe that god is on their side?

A problem for me is that most of the population in the world does not have an education thus the thought process for these non educated people are rooted more in traditions than rationale. Never were truer words spoken. Education is the key to everything.

would continue to be until all are educated. And is this a possibility? As those in power would not want us to be free thinking individuals and thus would prohibit open education. I think that is exactly where we are now but I do believe it is changing. Rational people will win out because it is to only rational way it can go.

Furthermore, those that are able to gain an education don't choose to become educated, ie: drop outs, gangs, drug dealers etc. Some of that is due directly to religion. So many children are raised to believe that god will take care of them, that they have a sense of entitlement. God creates the welfare state when we allow people to live as if they are saved because they believe in him.

Which just now gave rise to a question within myself...does religion help some to feel part of something and thus accepted for themselves as themselves? Which is what gangs provide...acceptance. Yes, the answer is obvious,but there is a better way. As you mentioned, tradition is heavy on us. Look at the Jews; many are atheist but they continue to celebrate the traditions because it is comfortable. Israel is a secular state but it still relies on the tradition of the bible.

rick b said...

Interested said . Evidence is specific, reproduceable, tangible, and observable.

It's funny you should say that, Since their is no evidence for the Big bang, or evidence for the idea that lightning struck poisons gas and these things cannot be reproduced. They all have to be taken by faith and simply believed they are true.

Interested said...

Evidence for the BBT: well it is hard to grasp because I am not a physicist but there are a couple of articles here that give some interesting information. Please, believe me I am still trying to get my head around it.

noreligionblog said...

There is plenty of evidence for the big bang. Unfortunately most Christians tend to be ignorant when it comes to science. What we don't have for the big bang is proof but science doesn't deal in proof.

rick b said...

So you admit you have no proof, and you say science does not deal in proof, yet you guys say, Science must be able to prove something in a lab with result to show it is true, yet you cannot do that with the Big bang.

noreligionblog said...

Your response is proof positive there is at least one Christian here that is woefully ignorant of science. Tell you what, name one real, degreed, mainstream scientist that claims science makes proofs of anything or understand that this will be my last response to you forever.

rick b said...

Interested has stated many times that the "Scientific method" Goes like this.

1. State the problem

2. Formulate the problem

3. Make observations

4. Design the experiment

5. interpret data

6. Draw conclusions

7. report results

Now this method was not created by Interested. But her and many atheists have stated this method to me when I say I dont agree with certain points in science.

I never said I dont agree with science period, I do, I am a professional Chef and baker with 24 plus years experience, and baking is really science.

Now apply these points to the Big Bang.

1. State the problem (How did we get here?) Or where Did human life come from?

2. Formulate the problem It was either God who created us, Or we simply dont know how we got here and can only ASSUME we came via the Big Bang, or maybe aliens, or as one guy stated, on the backs of crystals.

3. Make observations (We cannot do this)

4. Design the experiment (We cannot do this)

5. interpret data (We cannot do this)

6. Draw conclusions (We can only do this by faith with out evidence)

7. report results (We have no results to report)

So I'm not opposed to science, I'm simply saying Evolution like belief in God is a FAITH, You cannot prove evolution in a lab by the "Scientific method".

Since you cannot, you must simply believe it took place, that is called faith.

rick b said...

Hello Interested,
If you son stops by the restaurant for diner, he can ask for a tour of the kitchen, he can even mention he knows me by way of his mom. The staff are really good about giving people tours of the kitchen.

Interested said...

Thanks for the info. I will let him know. He was excited about the restaurant when I told him. However, sometimes he is with customers who have their own idea where they want to go.

Anonymous said...

wow this guys is not smart in the fact that the Big Bang has nothing to do with human development, that is evolution.

DingoWings said...
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DingoWings said...

To Rick: I think you're missing a vital point of the essay. The major criticism of religion is by it's nature it is blind dogma. The only reason such religions flourished is by their ability to have the 'believers' discard their critical faculties of reason in exchange for 'faith'. Science is a continuing endeavour in to the understanding of not merely big questions like the big bang, but social, economic and the emancipation of mankind. Thankfully religion has mostly been moved from the intellectual sphere of philosophical debate (unless being referenced in terms of social affect). We live in a world that is more and more influenced my big corporate interests (Iraq - Oil), rather than for the greater good of mankind (utilitarianism). And seeing as religion has always been used as a tool to serve the ruling powers rather than for the better and progression of humanity, just as the media and education are continually developed to further cement the status quo and keep people within an economic strata that best serves the elite. Affectively what I'm saying is it's just an old book that reflects the age it was written and if you want to move forwards and have some self respect get over it and start thinking for yourself (not ideas that have been instilled by ancient texts - which are often cruel, racist and awful -no offence)

Anonymous said...

Religion is just a another thing we humans have to reason on , like figuring a puzzle out . Religion is just apart of a giant puzzle , but religion not existing is like being inside solid objects its impossible ! Religions are beliefs and beliefs are ways people think is cool , right , etc . If u take away this we'd be a boring civilization advanced but boring , that also means no music , art , or other forms of expression or thought . Blank . It's too hard for our minds to understand it , besides getting rid of it only causes more grief , misery , and death on our race . Even if you get a religion wiped-out your just as worse as hitler and the other atheistic , demanding , cold hearted people . I saying this only not because it's true but , for the sake of what good now . ( btw I'm only a 15 year old )

Interested said...

Thank you for your comment...I almost missed it. You say you are 15 years old. Do you mind telling me where you are from? YOu amya be right that it would be a boring civilization but it would be a peaceful civilization without the strife caused by believers. I said earlier in this post that I don't expect it will ever happen but I do think we are moving to a more intelectual society.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm 15 , I can say I'm from the US , I don't see why it matters . My parents are experts on the subject so I'm just passing it along . The whole talk on reality and beliefs only creates more headaches thats why the US isn't split in half into a continous civil war . Not every religion is or as violent as they used to be hundred of years ago.

wetrewt said...

My stance on religion is that it is a creation of the human imagination and mind not some other obscure entity. I consider myself to be an atheist and do not believe in a god. Although I do not believe in god I do think that there are certain truths and correct moral dogmas to be found each religion. Like for example the 10 commandments...

austin dragonfire green said...

anonymous:The statement is that if it never existed not wiped out in one night by someone.