Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ancient Aliens

I recently started watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. So how do I feel about what I have seen? I’m not sure. I think a lot of it makes sense just because I do understand the human tendency to “supernaturalize” anything we don’t understand however….to imagine that beings from another planet? sun? moon? Came to earth and helped us get started then just left…Why?

I must admit that some of the most intriguing parts of the series talk about the underwater cities that have been found. Wow! Just imagine that fully functioning cities could be sunken under water for all these years and we just now know about it. Maybe it was the flood; that would make sense but there are so many flood stories at different times and in different places that we would have to question the validity of any of them. Now, I am certain that a flood happened but not certain of the circumstances or the time in which it happened.

Some of the ruins found date more than 10,000 years BCE so that would seem to dispute the Noah story. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a lot older than the bible story but still not old enough. Lots of questions, not too many answers.


Shelli said...

Actually, Noah's flood being 12,000 years ago does not dispute the Biblical account. The world could be over 10,000 years without disputing God's creation. It just can't be hundreds of thousands, millions, or billions. Besides, carbon dating is not accurate, so the earth may only be 6-7 thousand years, and these supposed dates of 10,000 BC may be off my thousands of years. It has been scientifically proven that something a hundred years old can test the same age as something that is only a few days old.

Shelli said...

*by thousands of years.


Interested said...

Shelli, I understand that you do not accept carbon dating, however it has a tremendous amount of support and is not the only accepted method of dating. How can you doubt that the world is billions of years old in the face of so much evidence? Oh, sorry you don't accept my evidence or the evidence of the community of science who are responsible for so many discoveries over the past 100 years. You will have to believe what you believe and I will continue to accept the evidence of those who are so much smarter than I.

Interested said...

Your information is outdated. Find more current sources.

rick b said...

I dont believe in aliens. In part I dont because why would the Government "Find" And alien and keep it secret and not share with the world? Then Carl Sagan founded the S.E.T.I program, he never found evidence and spent millions and his entire life in vain for what? If our government really had an alien, why would he not give all his millions just to see it?

Then how come Aliens only land in trailer parks or out in the deep woods, pick up guys sitting on their porches with their hound dogs and then probe them and send them back?

How come they never come to a major city? People can say we would attack them, well it stands to reason that if they all of a sudden came out of nowhere and entered a major city, they would not be scared of us doing something since they clearly have better technology and more advanced power than we do.

Also I dont care how advance people think they could be, Light travels so fast yet cannot pass through solid rock, and we know how far it is to the nearest star and planet, despite the fuel problem aliens would encounter, they could not pass through solid rock. so they would have to travel faster than the speed of light just to get here to our planet in a decent amount of time, They would need food, fuel, and travel faster than the speed of light. Then go through solid rock or solid anything since they would encounter much of these things traveling through space. But this is just my thought.

Interested said...

You don't believe in aliens...because you don't think the government would hide anything...interesting. I there is a plethora of history that says otherwise.

Also the technology we have now is many times more than in past times so there is no doubt in my mind that the future is bright for us all in that technology will double and triple and much more in just a few years.

Now. All that said, I'm not sure I buy the alien stuff but then I don't believe in a god I can't see either.

rick b said...

Interested said You don't believe in aliens...because you don't think the government would hide anything

No thats not what I meant. They lie and hide stuff all the time. I'm saying that I dont believe the government has an alien in area 51. I think they lied about finding one.

Carl Sagan IMO died in vain and wasted his life searching for aliens if the Government really did have one.

Carl could have spent his money by giving it to the government instead, and said show me the alien, I suspect he knew they did not have one either.

Then when aliens supposedly "Visit us" It is very extremely remote area's and they "Kidnap" people from trailer parks or the swamps or places like that. They never visit big areas like LA, Chicago, N.Y. Or places like that, and they never go straight to the major cities.

I'm saying they have if they exist, the technology to not be afraid of us and visit these places. But they never do. So I for one dont believe they exist.

I do find it funny how people want to believe in aliens, yet they refuse to believe in angels, and demons.

I know you might say, well you are just the opposite, and I would say, yes and no. Yes I dont believe aliens exist, but no because I believe God could have created other life, and He did, in the form of angels and demons. But He could have put life on other planets, I just dont see any evidence for it as of yet. But if it ever get proven, then fine it wont bother me.

rick b said...

Interested, I know zero about Carbon dating, But I did find this rather interesting. I have netflix, and was watching Law and order Criminal intent. It was episode 61. The show was about a guy forging letters from the early 1900's.

The cops had the letters looked at by a forensics scientist. He was explaining to the cops about smudges showing how these smudges show if you wrote with your left hand or right hand.

Well he also went onto explain that you can fool carbon dating testers by taking paper with the ink from books that are hundreds of years old, burn the pages with the ink and mix them with water or ink or something. I did not catch the exact details. And he said by doing this carbon dating tests can be fooled into thinking something written today is really hundreds of years old.

So this tells me their are major faults to carbon dating and anything could get in and fool the test.

Interested said...

You are right about that. I saw that too. One of my favorite shows... The carbon dating is on the paper which is old. When they burn the paper to make the ink they are using the old paper to write on old paper so it can be manipulated. I have no doubt that there are as many ways to cheat as there are people doing it but fortunately there are other methods used as well.