Sunday, January 15, 2012

Worthless people who offer nothing


rick b said...

Where do you find this crap? And how can you really believe this crap? I never said I wish all atheists would just go away, I dont know any friends or fellow believers who said that either. And it is a belief with out facts that if every atheist just did leave that all those problems would simply arise. This to me is nothing more than fear mongering.

Since the video claims that some of the biggest atheists donate the most and largest amounts of money to charity, please do me a favor, name and back it up with evidence. Atheists that leave everything behind and go and live for years in foreign country's like christian Missionary's, Risk death or even do die at the hands of these people and try and make a change.

Not Atheists that sit at home and send a check to some one.

Then name some major atheists, that have taken their own money and time and started Hospitals, colleges, orphanages etc.

I know most if not all of these places were founded by Christians, but after they were founded then years passed and they were over taken by atheists.

I want to know how many were started from the ground up by the atheists?

rick b said...

I watched the entire video, all 14 minutes of it and all I can say is, Wow, Atheists are one sided and pushing a major agenda.

Now when you say, Rick is just like the people in the video because of what I said, Let me say this. I can and have in the past admitted their are Christians that are clueless Idiots who should just not speak. Many of these are mentioned in the video.

Yet the atheists who made this video only seek out the Christians like that, they dont interview the honest Christians like me who can say, I am friends with atheists, and I believe many atheists are moral upstanding good people.

Yet I dont see the atheists defending the Christians from attacks by other atheists. I could easily put together a video and cite quotes of Atheists who openly hate Christians and attack them at every turn. I even recall a few atheists on this blog that have attacked me and said some things about me and other Christians similar to what Christians have said about atheists in that video.

Beast who used to post on this blog was very hateful and vocal towards Christians, Penn and Teller are very hateful and not tolerant of Christians, No-religion who posted here many times hates me and has mad it know were the clueless idiots.

So I can admit Christians act that way and do those things, why cant Atheists admit the same about themselves? And then after being honest and doing that, stop making these videos and posting them as if they never do anything wrong and simply are being attacked? Then these are reason why Atheists are viewed as untrustworthy, they bring it upon themselves by claiming we Christians treat them this way, and they never treat us this way. That is called, being a hypocrite.

Interested said...

I find this "crap" when I look for it! I enjoy seeing what others are creating to educate the masses about atheist. Atheism is not a religion and we do not proselitize. We don't go to othere countries or even in our own to try to convince folks to join us. The outreach we do is to attract those who already consider themselves non believers and who feel left out in a society that "hates them more than gays". We create community for others like us and hope to educate those who question their beliefs not to convert. We are not religionist and do not go after people who are strong in their faith. Most people who are strong in their faith do not cross our paths. We do not tell any one to have an "athiest day" but I can't go the the grocery without hearing the checker say "have a blessed day". I don't want to have your Christian dogma forced on me either. I don't swim in your toliet don't pee in my pool.

Interested said...
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