Friday, January 6, 2012

Well said Richard!


rick b said...

I watched the video and was thinking, He said people who have the mind set of creation wont listen.

First off, let's just say that evolution was true, That means what? Evolution does not prove God is not real, sadly many people claim to believe God used evolution.

I dont believe that myself, since God said He created Humans in His Image. So if God used Evolution, then that would mean everything was created in His image.

Now Richard says that the DNA shows a family tree, I would not dispute that, as I have said before By our DNA all being so close, that means we as humans can eat Plants and animals, but it also means animals can eat each other and plants also.

Our DNA is not even close to that of rocks, or tree's or steel, iron or things of that nature, and guess what, we cannot eat it.

Now these are my words, not Richards, but if he wanted to say, a silver bullet so to speak would be what he said about DNA proving what he said to be true, Then I would put it back on him and say, as much as he claims Christians refuse to hear the so called truth of people who believe in Evolution, I would say People like Richard are just as guilty of burying their head in the sand and not listing to us.

Lets see, You cannot prove evolution using the scientific method. So to me thats one strike.

Where is the evidence from that method?

2. All these people like Richard admit, they did not see the big bang happen and only assume that it did, but more honest guys admit it might have happened by aliens planting us here, or they are not sure and simply choose to believe the big bang despite zero evidence.

Seems that is a strike two.

3. Many of these so called great minds in science simply assume the Big bang happened and as a result Life arose from Non-life. So then we start with a single cell creature, and through a serious of mutations over long periods of time, we get all human life.

But then at some point in time these mutations were no longer helping us, now all mutation can do is kill us or shorten our lives and millions every year is spent fighting these mutations, Like Cancer. So much for good mutations.

That to me seems like a strike 3.

4. I said it before and will say it again. People who believe that a serious of mutations help us evolve seem to never has an answer for why a scratch can some how turn into an eye or time, or an arm, or brain cell or what ever. We never saw these things happen but just ASSUME they did. Yet what we can see happen over time and have been seeing it happen for 100's of years is, Dogs having their ears or tails cropped, yet their off spring is never born with a cropped ear or tail.

Human males get circumcised yet their off spring is never born that way, or a human gets a serious scar or loss of limb, yet their off spring is never born that way.

So why can a mutation that we never saw and can only assume happened pass from generation to generation and result in only good things, yet when we see things like the Cropping or scars happen, they never pass along?

How come I'm told or Creationists are told were the ignorant stupid people who refuse to hear the truth, but no evolutionist can give an honest answer to these questions? How come they can only say, I believe it happened that way despite never seeing it or being able to duplicate it in a lab, and yet thats ok, your not stupid and your opened minded, yet I'm not? That to be is a huge form of hypocrisy?

Ask these questions to your friends like Richard or PZ Myers, or Jerry Coyne, get honest answers and not, I dont know or I just think it happened. How is that not serious faith? It's faith with out evidence.

If the evidence exists I really am open to hearing it, But as of yet I dont recall ever hearing an honest answer to questions like that.

rick b said...

Interested you said Given enough time the impossible becomes possible.

So here is some more things that tell me evolution is not real.

We dont see whales or fish getting beached on land and then some how developing lungs and turning into air breathing creatures.

What we see is them dying, or humans going to rescue these whales. Why not allow the beached whales to stay and see if evolution takes places?

We see serious Olympic swimmers pretty much living in pools, yet they never develop scales or gills.

Does this mean given enough time, the impossible will be possible?

We dont see or find fossils of fish turning into birds, or cats turning into dogs.

It has been proven if you cross breed animals like donkeys and horses to get mules, Yet once you have mules, they cannot reproduce on their own. We never see women giving birth to baby monkeys or apes or any similar creature. Yet were told over and over we evolved from them and are DNA is so close to theirs it proves we came from them. So it should stand to reason a women would give birth to a monkey, or ape, yet it has never happened.

Nasty as it is, some humans have sex with animals, Yet human and animal cannot reproduce. Why is that if we are all in the same family tree as them?

I'm also waiting to see a murder case to to trail and the person who committed the murder use the excuse of evolution to get out of it. The person who use the "I'm weeding out the weak" Defense and claim Evolution. If that ever happened How would you respond?

Even if it never happened, what are your thoughts on that happening? I know I have 3 kids, If some one ever broke in my house or car jacked me or jumped me on the street and I kill that person and I stand before a judge, I will honestly tell them, I was simply weeding out the weak, The stronger over came the weaker and I plead Evolution.

If they dont buy that, then I will reply with, treat me like you do these hard core serial Criminals and simply let me go like you do them. These scum kill, rape deal drugs, molest Etc and they get released and us law abiding citizens get treated like the bad guys.

Interested said...

"First off, let's just say that evolution was true, That means what? Evolution does not prove God is not real, sadly many people claim to believe God used evolution." That is true, although I think it is sad for the absolute opposite reason.

"Now Richard says that the DNA shows a family tree, I would not dispute that, as I have said before By our DNA all being so close, that means we as humans can eat Plants and animals, but it also means animals can eat each other and plants also." Huh? I don't get that. No, we don't eat rocks but I'm not sure how that relates to dna. I'm not sure rocks have dna since they ar not biolgical but geological. But again, I don't know what that has to do with evolution which applies to living things not minerals and ores.

Did you read the 15 gems from Nature? That entire article is aboout the evidence for evolution. It is overwhelming! Scientist have even discovered transitional fosils. But you refuse to accept the evidence of fossils the way I refuse to accept the bible as evidence. I don't BELIEVE in evolution I accept the evidence because it makes sense. An all powerful being who molds a man out of clay, a talking snake and the entire civilization coming from two people is a little too fantastic for me. I mean really, where did Cain get a wife? One of his sisters? Or did he go over the hill and take an ape lady to bear his children. Really, you have to think that is a bit far fetched.

rick b said...

Cain married his sister. Why is is so far fetched to believe God created us and we came from two people, yet you believe we arose from non-life, and as a result we came from some single cell creature.

rick b said...

My point about the DNA and rocks was, If our DNA was close to rocks we could eat the them. I understand they are Minerals.

I know you feel the evidence is over whelming, but what about Scientists that at one time believed as you do, but now feel the evidence is not their?

A Dr Rick Oliver who is now in his 60's taught Evolution and hold a PH-D and has some awards, plus taught in major schools and taught it till his mid 50's, also claimed most of his life to be an atheist and hated Christians, is now a christian and no longer believes in Evolution.

Rick Oliver is a well respected Scientist and feel the evidence is no longer their. So it's not like it's just me. And I know many other people who believed who no longer do.

rick b said...

Hello Interested,
You asked me if I read all the information you posted on the article for evolution.

I read it over, and I did ask you how you would reply if some one killed some one then used evolution to justify their actions.

So going back to that question, and going back to the massive article you posted, it said on the very first line at the top of the page.

A resource from Nature for those wishing to spread
awareness of evidence for evolution by natural selection.

How is killing not a form of natural selection? A killer naturally selects someone. Now before you say thats crazy and far fetched, think about this and research it yourself.

Charles Darwin, Origin of Species by means of natural selection.

The problem with this book is, You no longer get the entire Title. Our socity has gone so PC that they no longer print the entire title. This shows an agenda and some deception IMO.

The entire title should read, "Origin of Species by means of natural selection, or The preservation of favored races in the struggle for life."

You must find a copy from 1977 or go back even farther to get the full title. If you really believe what Darwin taught, it makes you a racist and this is why it has been removed.

Do you homework, Hitler believed in Darwin and used Darwins teachings to kill all the people he did in order to bring about the "Superior" Race. Hitler had one of the best collections of Darwin materials.

rick b said...

Like the massive amount of info you posted by way of some research group. here is a link to an equal amount of massive evidence that says evolution is wrong. But it's up to you to read it and decide for yourself, other wise you can just ignore it and assume Creation is wrong and evolution is correct.

And as far as both sides go, if we keep it one sided, then were lying when we say, the other simply ignores evidence, how can we be honest if we dont look at both sides.

rick b said...

For some reason the link did not seem to post, so here it is again.

also here is another one that did not seem to post either.

The Woodpecker defies Evolution

Interested said...

Sorry you are wrong about transitional fossils. Your info is outdated. There was a time when we did not have transitional fossils but today there are many.

Do a Google search and you will have more info than you can digest.

But beyond that, You are not going to change your mind and neither am I so there is little point to continuing this converstation.