Thursday, January 23, 2014

Equality in All for All

There has been so much lately about the rights of the LGBT community. I saw this clip, a part of a longer program after the Oklahoma Decision against the definition of marriage.

What raised my dander about this is that no one called Sally Kern on the idea that the bible should have no place in governnment. I wanted to jump in the middle of her face and remind her that not all Americans are Christian or even accept the bible as holy.

The claim is often that denying same gender marriage preserves the 'sanctity' of marriage but no one can say how it harms another's marriage. I not gay but I support their right to live life as they choose. I also support the right of the likes of Sally Kern to tote her bible anywhere she wishes but keep it out of my government.

I realize this is Oklahoma and the reddest state in the US but someone should remind this Oklahoma State legislator that out government is secular, even in a red state.

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