Monday, October 19, 2009

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rick b said...

That blog is a joke, He gives no proof or evidence, yet you go ga ga over some guy that tells you what you want to hear. Yet as I said before, you admitted you are not 100 percent sure of what you believe or why, yet you sure it's true. How sad that you tell him we Christians are guilty of child abuse for what we teach our kids, but yet you taught your kids and others that it is ok to tell people you can have zero evidence and yet not be sure your correct, but yet it's truth you teach. Lame. Rick b

thekingpin68 said...

Science and faith think tank

Hello again, Rick mentioned your site to me again. I hope you are well. I have found the above site helpful as are related resources.


Interested said...

Thanks for the link Kingpin. I have seen the site before but had forgotten about it.

Rick everything is a joke to you if it does not agree with your stance. I'm sorry but the evidence is overwhelming for science and non existent for a god.

Tell me you believe in Zeus or Appolo? Do you believe in Buddha or Anansi, Odin or Thor? No? Why not? There are literally hundreds of books written about them, and many have places that can actually be found on a map...just like the bible. What is the difference? When you understand why you don't believe in these gods you will understand why I don't believe in your god.

rick b said...

Your belief is lacking because you said before your not 100 percent sure what you believe.

How can you say, I'm 100 percent sure my belief is correct, yet I am not 100 percent sure of what I believe? Thats crazy.

Then you seem to struggle in getting answers for me, or admit Science cannot prove certain things.

You give a list of 5 things saying Science MUST be able to do these things to prove they are real, but then science cannot prove many things and yet you still believe them.

Then you place your trust in evolution, yet you cannot prove evolution.

Show me from science a fish going on dry land and then evolving to a land breathing animal. You cannot. I can show you a fish going on dry land and dying.

Show me a cat evolving into a dog or bird or human, you cannot.

You say, look we have 20 different species of Dog, that proves evolution. That does not, Dogs stay dogs, Cats stay cats. We have the cat family, or the dog family, or the human race. Not cats going to dogs or fish to birds.

Take for examples, horses and donkeys, you cross breed them and then you have a mule. but male and female mules cannot reproduce. so evolution is a hoax.

Itold you before, we have humans and single cell creature so advance in how they are built that science cannot figure them out, but according to you, it's sheer dumb luck they came about. but you cannot tell me why we need a creator to build inferior machines, or buildings, or cars, etc.

the humans are so advance and they "just happened" but it takes a creator to build the stuff we rely on.

I have heard many evolutionists say the humans are created really well. I suspect it was a slip of the tongue. But how can we be created if we evolved? Rick b

rick b said...

Interested, I posted this reply on the new blog, but I am posting it here in case you dont read it over their, and in case he/she does not reply.

If evolution boils down to survival of the strong, why not allow murder, then plead your cause to the judge and say, I'm using evolution. I'm the strong weeding out the weak.

is this not a form of what Hitler did?

let me add also, Atheists blame the Ill's of society on religion, but as I showed you that article showing Atheists are to blame for a lot of the worlds problems.

Then Hitler was not religious, he in fact hated God, and his hatred spurred him on to kills Jews, and homosexuals.

Then even though Religion does cause a lot of problems, it does a lot of good. Name some hospitals that were found strictly by atheists, or some groups that go over seas to build homes for the poor or feed the needy that are strictly founded and run by atheists?

all these groups that do this that I am aware of might have atheists working for or with them but were not started and are run by solely atheists. Rick b

rick b said...

Your new blogger is a joke, You left two reply s and I left one. No response to either of us. Rick b

Interested said...

I guess so. It seems like bloggers come and go. He sounds like someone I would enjoy conversing with but,,well hope he is still among the living.