Friday, October 30, 2009

This could be me!


rick b said...

Thats not you, and that video was stupid.

I watched the entire thing, I know the video is portraying Believers as mind numb people, but it is the other way around.

I unlike you, teach my kids both sides, I unlike that video do not tell my kids, believe what I believe or lose your Bike, or TV, or what ever.

You have admitted as much that you only look into the side you want to and reject evidence before even hearing it, and pretty much refuse to see both sides. So in honesty, that video is not even close to being you. Rick b

Nicole said...



I used stuff like that all the time to make myself feel better about my previous situation. I was raised Catholic. I went thru all the mind numbing schooling and whatnot. I ended up believing that God was very impersonal, so I rejected Him.

I went thru my life thinking that I was a "good person". At least I didn't steal and lie like some people I knew. I mean, I recycled and everything...

That worked until someone cared enough to explain to me what I had missed before. Salvation is not earned. It's a free gift.

All those "other cupboards" are essentially the "works" of other religions.

All you need to do is ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Read the gospel of John. Don't be critical of it, just read it like a story. Maybe use another Bible than the King Jimmy, it may read easier for you in another translation.

Please consider doing this.

rick b said...

Another problem with the video is, They say believe what I believe because thats how I was raised.

You could say that applies to Atheists like you, where in the video, the family of the kids told their son, what they believed was correct. They never offered a reason why they were correct and everyone else was wrong.

The child grew up to believe his own parents were wrong and he was correct, yet no reason given. So many flaws are in that video, and it is portrayed in a very inaccurate way. Rick b

Interested said...

I give win.. I 'm going to hell...I don't look at both sides and I'm stupid. closed.

rick b said...

Interested said I give win.. I 'm going to hell...I don't look at both sides and I'm stupid. closed.

You can get upset all you want, it's not a matter of winning or losing, its a matter of you being honest.

If you want I can go back and show you where you said or implied you reject the evidence we/I give before even looking at it.

Then with Missler, you post right away an article that says he is a cult leader, you dont even look into it, you believe it.

If you decide to say, nope I dont believe it, then you sure act like you do. Your not fooling me, others here might be blind, or might say I'm am hard or whatever. But I'm not fooled.

You by your own words have admitted to not wanting to hear both sides, or you have avoided questions.

After much pushing you have answered a few, but in one post you said, ask ONE QUESTION, Which lead me to ask, why only one. Then let me use myself and beast for example.

You have jumped on me for asking hard questions and being honest, you get really mad a me, but beast many times has called me some real foul names and was really bitter and venomous in his replies to me.

You never said a word to him, you only went after me. So thats fine, I can handle him and others like him, I can handle the abuse, I'm a big boy and I like to fight. But it shows who you really are by the things you say and do, and the things you dont say or dont do.

One thing about you is, you do not like to be challenged, It's funny, the cupboard story as well as atheists shows a one sidedness that you say we have.

We as believers claim Jesus said, not us but Jesus said, He is the only way to the father. People get mad over that and say were narrow minded, but in reality Atheists claim their is no God. So your just as narrow minded, Mormons claim only their way, JW's and Islam claim only their way.

Every group or person claims only their way is correct. So that cupboard video is flawed. The parents were portrayed as narrow minded, but the kid grew up to be narrow minded. Rick b

Shelli said...

Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me."
We only agree with what Jesus says. This video suggests that your parents were like this with you by the fact that you said, "This could be me!" This is not how we are raising our children. We pray they make the right choices when they are old enough to make important decisions, but also tell them they will make their own choices when they are on their own. I cannot control them to the point they believe everything exactly as we do. All I can do is give them God's word and pray. The so-called Christians, as I infer you are calling them, in this video are what we call legalistic. That is not a good representation for Bible-believing Christians. That is called religion. Religion is man's attempt to earn their way to God. True Christianity is a relationship with a loving God. It is Him coming down to us. He did everything to pay the price for our sin. We owe Him everything. He holds this world together, not "cosmic glue." He is the only reason you are breathing right now. Jesus loves you so much. You need to look at this from a different, and honest, perspective.