Sunday, February 6, 2011

Atheist vs Creationist

Rick here is a debate for you.


Rick B said...

I have not watched this yet, but will later. I really appreciate you posting a debate. said...

That video was a joke not a debate. I would guess that was filmed at comedy central. Lets have an honest debate between two people that can and know what they believe, not some rube that cannot say what he believes.

I also like how dawkins seems to be sure he knows the exact age of the earth. You mean when we dig up bones they have dates upon them?

People can say what they want about carbon dating and other dating methods, but at the end of the day it boils down like this, You dont know they date, so you have to say, I believe it is this old, then build a machine or something to say, it's this old. Then use the data that you place a date upon and have your information based upon that.

Simply put, that would be like looking at a person and saying, they are 50 years old since I really dont know, the everyone that looks almost or close to that person must also be 50 years old.

Be honest here, If I posted a debate with some huge name creationist, like Ken Ham for example and he was "debating" some one that you never heard of who claimed to believe in evolution, and gave stupid replies like that so called creationist, you would claim thats not a real debate and not worth your time, and you would feel I am above posting crap like that.

Interested said...

Well, I'm not sure what you would call an honest debate. Richard Dawkins is a noted evolutionary biologist. He is recgonized all over the world.

We have talked, before, about carbon dating and I understand that you don't agree with it but you must understand that it is accepted in all scientific disciplines. You can dispute it but your dispute holds no water because it is firmly placed in our experience.

As for knowin how old someone is by an forensic anthropologist can look at bones and know within a few months how old someone was when they died. That's a fact.

There are hundreds of debates on youtube. I don't know which you would consider valid but do a search for Creation vs atheist or ID vs atheist. You will find many and perhaps you will find one that you consider better.

Interested said...

Rick this is the first of 9 debates between Sam Harris and Chris Hedges. You may mind it interesting.

Interested said...

I forgot...skip over to about 5.00 to listen to the actual debate. The moderator is annoying.