Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something from Nothing

I think the argument against evolution has been something like "Something doesn't come from nothing". Well, I am here to tell you it does.

I took down my shower curtain and washed, bleached and dried it. No mold, anywhere. I put it back in the bathroom and 1 week later; mold all along the bottom of the curtian.

Now I know, without a doubt that I cleaned that thing. When I got through there was NOTHING on it. Now there is MOLD on it!

So a bit tongue in cheek but I am really mad.


Rick B said...

Mold sucks, My house was infested with it to the point that after we moved it and went back for a visit we could smell it. Anyway, Mold spores are all over, so you probably cleaned it as well or better than you said, but mold spores are in the air, I know being a professional baker, I worked with natural yeast and mold spores.

That how cheeses and breads are made, the natural yeast and mold spores in the air. What it is about the shower curtain that attracts them, who knows. I know that I have bought the so called Mildew or mold resistant ones and they still got moldy. Also in case you dont know, some mold can kill you or make you sick.

Interested said...

I hate the stuff but it seems to congregate around me just because I have mold allergies. I do know about the bad molds. In fact I was sure that is what made me sick but no; they tell me my mold is common non lethel.

Rick B said...

I have seen in many house on the old window sills layers of black mold. It would not surprise me if it was mold that made you sick, they say it's the non lethal kind. It might be non lethal but that does not mean it wont make you sick.

I know that for me and my wife, we had so much mold in our house that after moving out we noticed we were sick less and felt a lot better.