Saturday, February 5, 2011

Intelligent Design/Creation


Rick B said...

A video that is one sided will not shut up these pesky creationists. As far as I am concerned Athiests and evolutionists will say to us Creationists, If we made a video saying these people who teach evolution debated us creationists, and we claimed we shut down the atheists and you were clueless then you would say we were making things up. It really goes both ways. Honestly if you posted a video that showed a debate between a well known creationist debating a well know evolutionist then that would be different.

As far as our DNA being close to a monkey, as I said before, that does not prove we evolved from them, that just means we can eat them. Our DNA is not close enough to that of lets say, Steel, or rock, or tree's because we cannot eat them. But animals we can eat them.

Then as I keep saying, you not only cannot prove the big bang, but even the so-called big name evolutionists admit they cannot prove it and they must simply assume life was already here and they go from their to prove what they believe.

Here is something that scientists can only assume happened and cannot prove from science. The body has 26 human chromosomes, if the big bang was true and really happened, then after the big bang happened, all 26 would have to of fell into place in perfect order for the human to come about.

That would be like taking all the letters of the alphabet and throwing them up in the air and hoping they all fall into perfect place, a-z in order for the human to come about. This did not happen and would not even in a million years.

Just look at the lottery, people only need to pick 6 numbers out of 34 or 40 and get them in perfect order to win. It is so hard just getting 6 numbers out of 40 that even with millions of tickets sold, sometimes the jackpots hit millions of dollars.

Now also many of these evolutionists believe that lightning struck poisonous gas, just exactly did life arise from poisonous gas? It did not, but many believe it did. That takes a lot of faith to believe and it is a religion not science. Their is no scientific bases to prove this, you cannot re-do it in a lab as you once stated.

Rick B said...

I like this,

"The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator... There is something in the depths of our souls which tells us that the world may be more than a mere combination of events."

- Dr. Louis Pasteur, 1822—1895

Anonymous said...

I believe in God, creation, and evolution-and the big bang. There you go. Why do you all think it has to be exclusive? If you believe in God, didn't God create the world and everything in it? who is to say he didn't do it in a big bang? The Bible is not literal in many cases or it would not contradict itself. I believe it is the word of God-- to be taken and deciphered by the time you live in as well as the brain He gave us. He expects us to use the knowledge and the science he gave us to EVOLVE. That is WHY it all makes sense. To be exclusive is what doesn't make sense. To be exclusive means that you can't absorb any more information. Everything is connected.

Rick B said...

Anon, you claim we cannot be exclusive, Well boo hoo, so many atheists are. I have been very up front and honest in saying, Teach both sides, Creation and evolution or dont teach either.

If you only teach one side and not both, then it tells me you are to scared to allow other to think for themselves. Many Atheists claim to be "free thinkers" Yet I dont believe they are, I say that because they only want their said taught and not the other side.

I also am the first to admit and say, I dont like hearing Christians claim they have videos of Creationists who debated evolutionists and they made the evolutionists look stupid and run away any more that I want to hear that about so called great minds in evolution doing that to a creationist.

Unless you have a video showing both sides sitting on a stage or a a table or where ever, I can admit that both sides always claim they won. I dont believe God used evolution, If He is all powerful as His word says, Then He can create Life out of nothing like He says.

You claim the Bible is full of contradictions, Well first off, I have learned over the years, The Bible is not full of contradictions, it's more a matter of people do not really read the Bible, they simply pick and choose and it then appears to be that way.

Then if you fell the Bible is so full of problems, Why do you bother reading it and do you really believe it?

Anonymous said...

I think you are trying to convince yourself. I know what I believe and I don't have to grand stand to prove it to myself.

Obviously, you have not read the Bible or you would know there are contradictions. That said, I can see the intent.

"Me thinkest thee protest too much"

Anonymous said...

Didn't the "Big Bang" come from Nothing? How do you know that is not how God began- nothing....Bang! something. Sounds very similar to me

Anonymous said...

Maybe God left things out of the Bible so we would think for ourselves. If he wanted it be a one way only-then why leave anything to interpretation?

Jesus is not mentioned from age 13 to 34. I don't think that means he was dead for those years. But literally, he is not mentioned. So is that literally that he was not living? I think God wants us to use our brains. He gave us all different brains, looks, back grounds. Maybe so we would LEARN how to relate to each other and find the truth within ourselves. MAYBE MAYBE there is more than ONE truth.

Reading some of these posts remind me why I do not believe in man made religion. It's all about control through fear. God wants us to control ourselves through learning and evolving. I am NOT an atheist. I think this site is proof that people who don't believe are looking for reason to believe. So give compelling reasons. Spouting YOUR WRONG doesn't convince you so why do think it will work on someone else? Seriously. If I say YOUR WRONG! Did that change your mind? Give then a reason.

Rick B said...

Well according the the Bible in the book of Job, God says to Job, where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, Where were you when I created this and that. So God said He created, Not put evolution into motion.

Then evolution teaches things evolved from a serious of mutations. A single cell creature gets a scratch, that scratch passes on to it's off spring and over time these scratches turn into arms, eyes, limbs etc.

So while this can be proven false, by Dogs having their ears and tails cropped, any male being circumcised, any human, male or female, losing a limb, and eye, or even just getting a scar or scratch. These things are not passed onto our offspring.

If evolution is correct, these things should pass on as they did years ago in order to have all these mutations cause creatures to evolve.

Also Evolution teaches that water living creatures such as fish some how came onto land and went from having gills to breathing oxygen. Lets see, If a whale beaches it's self, it dies, Humans try and push it back in.

I never see humans saying, lets see if it evolves and breathes oxygen and walks away. I'm not asking you to grand stand for anyone, But if interested is honest, she will tell you we might not agree, but I go out of my way to back up and support anything I say.

I give quotes, verses, etc. If someone says, Rick, show me, I provide evidence. So say what you want, but I really dont believe people that say, I have a problem with....

Then have no evidence, or back up what they said. If you can say their is a problem with this person, place, book etc, and you cannot or claim you choose not to give evidence, then it really makes on wonder if you just speaking to hear yourself speak.

I also am very vocal in saying I want both sides to speak, or neither side to speak.

If people say, I dont believe in God or the Bible, thats fine as long as you can honestly show evidence that you looked into both sides.

I'm tired of people claiming, I think for myself or I am a free thinker, But then say, Creation cannot be taught, it only evolution, or Vise Versa. Let both sides be taught and let people think for themselves. If you fight to suppress one side then it really makes me think your view is so lacking in evidence that your scared to allow the other side to speak.

I know I am in the minority even among Christians, But I am open to hearing and allowing all sides to speak and am not one sided.

Anonymous said...

how can you say you provide evidence when you disregard evidence. Science is provable. I believe in God so I don't need any proof. What I am saying is that if science PROVES something. That is evidence. You don't make sense sir.

Interested said...

One of the problems we always have in discussions between believers and non believers, is the "evidence". What one side accepts as evidence the other does not. Science does not accept one source, a book written by several people 1500 to 1600 years ago, as evidence. Beiievers do not accept scientific evidence.

Rick, I think it is obvious that you are not open to new evidence because you do not want to shake your faith. That's fine, if it works for you, fine. I've told you before that I only want to provide a source for the other side not to convert you but to add to your information base, as you add to mine. We likely will never agree but that's okay...we are exercising our brains and our fingers....

Rick B said...

Anon, Can Science recreate life from a serious of mutations in a lab? If not then it seems you believe in evolution with out any science to prove it?

Can a fish wash up on land and then grow lungs and walk away? Nope, so again where is evidence this happened? These things you believe cannot be proved by science in a lab, so you must believe by faith this happened.

Interested said...

Your last comment to anon makes my point. Rick you don't understand evolution. No scientist said A fish washed up on the land an grew legs. It took millions of years and MANY fish changing and breeding to eventually become the "finished" product.

Rick B said...

Interested, can you or a scientist prove that happened in a lab? No you cannot, so it takes faith and you really can only assume it happened since you did not see it happen and you have no evidence it happened.

I have heard people question this by saying, if this really happened, and it took millions of years, then their should be evidence of it happening. since their is no evidence then they try and say, well it happened so fast no evidence was left.

Also let me remind you, it is you that said to me, these things can be proven by science in a lab, Science is proven by results that happen over and over and show results, yet these things you believe cannot be proven in a lab so this means you can only assume they happened.

Interested said...

"Also let me remind you, it is you that said to me, these things can be proven by science in a lab, Science is proven by results that happen over and over and show results, yet these things you believe cannot be proven in a lab so this means you can only assume they happened."

If I had time, I'm at work right now, I would look up some more but you are wrong, there have been many observations of evolution in the lab. But in order to accept the findings you must accept the methods and I think therin lies the problem.

When I first began to question faith I was so much like you and probably near your age. I did not understand science or its methods. I had abut 2 years of study before I could begin to decifer the materials presented. However, I wanted the answers and I'm not sure you do.

But hey, that's okay. We are all different and if you are comfortable then who am I to say you are wrong.

Rick B said...

you said their are lots of People who believe in evolution. Their have been many people who at one time believe in evolution and were top ranked professors holding PHD'S and some laywers who like you were absolutely positive evolution was FACT. But these guys took the time to look into it and after looking at the facts came to relies it is a fraud and then converted to being creationists and as a result lost their jobs.

So it's great that you claim you believed the BIBLE then after "thinking" for yourself, believed it's wrong. It also goes both ways, and like I said some brilliant minds decide evolution is a fraud.

Also their might be people who really dont want the truth or to hear the other persons evidence, so assume I am like that. I can assure you I am not, otherwise I would not be stressing the point of wanting BOTH sides presented.

Like I said, I am back in college, and more than a few teachers are very open about being closed minded. They flat out said, were not here to debate both sides, were here to teach what we the teacher believe in. and this is not a christian based college, this is a culinary college and learning about English, or Pysc, or Environmental Science will not help me cook better.

I can say that since I already have 24 years professional experience. When applying for a job, while a good resume helps, its the real hands on experience thats shows if you can do what you say or if you lied. Many a fraud is exposed once the heat is put on them in the kitchen. I am never asked or no one that I ever meet is asked, what were you grades in these Gen Ed classes.

They dont care, they want to know that you can cook and your fast and will save them money or make them money.