Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proof of Evolution?


Rick B said...

In an earlier post I said that the debate you posted was a joke, you felt no debate would ever be fair.

Lets look at it this way, why is it that if I say Dawkins claims to have a creationist yet he was/is not a big name like Ken Ham for example.

I could say that I am a hard core evolutionist then debate someone who claims to be a creationist and ask clueless and you guys would not sit back and say, well they showed us, I guess we lost that debate.

This video and the other videos have evolutionists claiming they debated Creationists and the creationists were clueless and could not answer any questions.

So let me put it back on you and say this, You saw the video as well as I did called, No intelligence required.

Your so called hero's like Dawkins and other big name evolutionists could not answer questions and were looking stupid, Like we came of the backs of turtles or crystals, and maybe aliens planted us here.

Then after this video was watched my many atheists and people who believe in evolution, many people tried to defend their hero's by saying the video was edited in such a way that it made them look stupid.

So they admitted in a round about way, these guys looked stupid. But then if you guys can respond with they edited the video to make them look stupid, then why cannot I say, you guys bring on some buffoon who knows nothing, but I have to except it and you guys dont.

Also their was no evidence that I am aware of exposing Ben Stein as a fraud by deliberately editing the video to make these guys look stupid. Their is no books or videos or nothing that has Dawkins saying, here is my rebuttal since those guys lied and made me look stupid. It tells me their are even questions your hero's cannot answer and that says a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

how does this prove there is no God?

Interested said...

Anon I don't think one can prove a negative. I think the video demonstrates evolution but says nothing to negate the existence of god. I don't believe in god, not because I or anyone can prove he DOSEN"T exist, on the contrary, I see no proof that he DOES exist.

Rick B said...

Not everyone that believe in evolution deny's God. Many of these video's are not created to prove God does not exist, but to try and prove Evolution is real.

I seem to recall Dawkins saying even though he does not believe in God, you can believe in Evolution and God.

I on the other hand do not believe in evolution but believe in God and that God created everything.

Why is it people say, I created a car, a building, a painting, Etc. Yet when we see the vast variety of life and how complex even the simplest of single cells are, they evolved?

Why is it everything that was created was created by a creature and not evolved, but when it comes to life and the universe those are the only things that were not created. Interested, I hope all is well with you, take care and have a great day. Rick

Interested said...

I agree. Not only can one believe in both, many do. I posted a link on the previous post that may interest you both. It is a bit less caustic than this one. Sam Harris is a good speaker and debates with civility.